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24 hours of zzt archive  

Welcome to the 24 hours of ZZT archive. You will be able to find all or most of the information on all 24 hours of ZZT contests held in the past, as well as all the entries. 24 hours of ZZT contests require the participants to create a ZZT game based on a certain topic in 24 hours. The entries are scored by a panel of judges and the winner gets to host the next contest (by tradition; there are exceptions here). They are held four times a year, once every season.



1st: Myth - "Szechuan Chicken"

2nd: KKairos, BenW, Theta14 - "Attack of the Killer Food"

3rd: Blazer - "Final Fantasy XLII"

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Date held: March 25th, 2000
Host: GipFace
Topic: Food
Judges: GipFace, Chuck, Knightt, Darkmage, kev-san
# of entries: 28
Original scoresheet: Spring 2000 24hoz site

The Spring 2000 24hoz had some good and decent entries, but most people will probably remember it for the complete judging drama that took place. First of all, Knightt dropped out of the judging team, because Blazer's entry insulted him and was off-topic. Secondly, GipFace decided to kick Lemmer and Rory Carman out of the judging team, because their scores were biased (Lemmer gave out only a few 9s and a lot of 0s, for example). Darkmage and kev-san replaced them, and Knightt returned.

Other than this, Myth won his 2nd 24hoz and did a great job, getting an average score of 9.08 -- the highest to that date and the second highest ever!


1st: Anthony Testa - "Metamorphine"

2nd: WiL - "Meta"

3rd: Kadro - "Twisted Fate"

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Date held: August 12th, 2000
Host: Myth
Topic: Metamorphosis
Judges: Myth, emmzee, Jujubee
# of entries: 27
Original scoresheet: here

Myth was hosting his second 24hoz contest, this time in late summer of 2000. He chose a few prizes for the winners as well (some donated by others, such as GipFace and Anthony Testa). As much as people thought this 24hoz would be a success, it turned out to be the worst 24hoz in history, due to organisatory chaos. The contest itself passed just fine, but the problems started in the judging phase. The judges were Myth himself, emmzee (Darren Hewer) and xf (Scott Hammack). It took Myth a while to finish his judging, because he was busy, but xf turned out to have no time for it at all somewhere in September. Finally, on October 2nd, Myth published the results -- Jujubee had taken xf's place on the judging team.

This was still a great 24hoz for winner Anthony Testa (Blue Magus/Shigesato), because his 24hoz entry was also his last ZZT game ever, after he quit ZZT and the community. Other than that, he scored an average of 9.17, the highest score ever!

Also note that the entries have never been officially released. The entries in the zip file here are the entries that people released individually. The zip file only contains 8 out of the 27 entries.


1st: Hercules - "Their Way, the Soulful Way"

2nd: Flimsy Parkins - "Drip"

3rd: Knightt - "Minority"

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Date held: November 25th, 2000
Host: Anthony Testa
Topic: Person
Judges: Anthony Testa, Zenith, jimbob, Lemmer
# of entries: 20
Original scoresheet: here

The second 24hoz contest that Hercules (me) won, just a year after his victory. This time with an average score of 8.25, instead of the 8.7 of Autumn 1999 ("A Grunt in the Dark"). Anthony Testa did a good job hosting this contest and it was also the last thing he ever did for the ZZT community.


1st: emmzee - "Parroty"

2nd: Flimsy Parkins - "The Day Odin Got up on the Wrong Side of Bed"

3rd: Jacob Hammond - "Bobbo to (Corporate) Spy"

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Date held: December 27th, 2000
Host: Hercules
Topic: Discovery
Judges: Hercules, Lemmer, craNKGod, Chuck
# of entries: 33
Original scoresheet: old IF page

Just like the Winter 1999 24hoz, this one was hosted by me (Hercules). emmzee returned, signed up and made a ZZT game again (his last one dated from 1998, when he placed 2nd in the first 24hoz ever)... and guess what? He won by faaar with an average score of 8.625, while number 2 (Flimsy) had an average score of 7.625.

This was a very popular 24hoz with 33 entries in total (the most since the Summer of 1999). Also, there was anti-junk entry rule for the first time in 24hoz history. It paid off well -- no junk entries were submitted (and if they would've been, they wouldn't have been released and judged). Note that Zenith used to be on the judging panel as well, but he was on a holiday during the contest and had no idea it was taking place.