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24 hours of zzt archive  

Welcome to the 24 hours of ZZT archive. You will be able to find all or most of the information on all 24 hours of ZZT contests held in the past, as well as all the entries. 24 hours of ZZT contests require the participants to create a ZZT game based on a certain topic in 24 hours. The entries are scored by a panel of judges and the winner gets to host the next contest (by tradition; there are exceptions here). They are held four times a year, once every season.



1st: Misteroo - "Fear"

2nd: Zenith - "Night Terror"

3rd: Viovis - "Sedimental Worries"

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Date held: March 27th, 1999
Host: HM
Topic: Fear
Judges: HM, Chuck, Myth, darkmage
# of entries: 18
Original scoresheet: n/a

The biggest surprise of this 24hoz was the winner, Misteroo. Being almost completely new to the scene, this AKWare member managed to win his first 24hoz. Other surprising entries included the ones of Dragonlord and JM.


1st: Koopo - "Spaze Invaders"

2nd: Knightt - "Stupid RPG 2"

3rd: Myth - "Empty Spaces"

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Date held: June 25th, 1999
Host: Misteroo
Topic: Space
Judges: Misteroo, HM, Lemmer, Skullie, Tseng
# of entries: 36
Original scoresheet: Misteroo's txt

This contest was one of the most popular ones ever, if not the most popular. 36 entries and several of rather decent quality. In terms of organization, it turned out into a fiasco. Misteroo only published a txt file with scores of 4 out of the 5 judges and without an overall ranking. Several games hadn't been scored either. A few days later, Jeff Conroy decided to create a ranking table, which was highly appreciated. This was also the first 24hoz that I (Hercules) participated in, but that besides the point.


1st: Hercules - "A Grunt in the Dark"

2nd (tie): Smiley14 - "The Tower of the Overseers"

2nd (tie): Blazer - "Forest of the Damned"

3rd: GipFace - "Those Cute Monsters!"

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Date held: September 24th, 1999
Host: Knightt
Topic: Fantasy
Judges: Knightt, Chuck, Koopo, Skullie, Tseng
# of entries: 28
Original scoresheet: old IF page

Another popular 24hoz, with me (Hercules) as the winner in my 2nd 24hoz. Knightt hosted it, because Koopo (winner of the Summer 24hoz) didn't want to host it. GipFace surprised a lot of people as well, placing third. Later on, it turned out that GipFace was ex Interactive Fantasies member Sir_C, who returned. The contest was hosted by Knightt, but I did created and maintained the site for this contest, which was hosted on the old IF page. This wasn't the last 24hoz success for me, Blazer and GipFace either.

Another thing: the famous "Hallucina" (by Fishfood and Lord Igsel) was created during this contest. It started the whole (in)famous Fishig spreak business (OHH DREA, YAY SIRS, /me falls over, etc.). craNKGod submitted his first junk entry, which was still allowed. Venom placed 4th again, just like in the Summer 1999 24hoz.


1st: GipFace - "Must not Kill"

2nd: Jacob Hammond - "The Uprise"

3rd: Robert Pragt, Rik van Zuilekom - "Violence?"

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Date held: December 17th, 1999
Host: Hercules
Topic: Violence
Judges: Hercules, Chuck, Tseng, Blazer, Lemmer
# of entries: 26
Original scoresheet: old IF page

The first contest fully hosted by me. It was fairly succesfull, even though it received three junk entries. GipFace won the contest, in a smashing way, after he placed third in the previous one. Jacob Hammond (now known as aetsch) started to create ZZT stuff again and showed this with entry "The Uprise", which placed 2nd. The talented new Dutchman Robert Pragt showed off his skills as well, helped by a real-life friend. Another surprising entry was made by El Capitan, who placed 4th.