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smiley awards  

The Smiley Awards running totals of the most popular ZZT and MegaZeux games. You can help composing them by voting too. The more votes a game gets, the higher it will appear in the ranking list. You can vote for your favorite games in different categories.

Smiley ZZT Awards resetted in 2000
Some time ago (in 2000) the Smiley ZZT awards were resetted, as suggested by Tseng. The Smiley MZX Awards weren't, since that wasn't really necessary. The old Smiley ZZT Awards results can be viewed for nostalgia's sake. Please note that the categories "Best programming" and "Best plot/storyline" have been added.

Voting has been disabled indefinitely. Voting iswas pretty easy, just fill in your name, e-mail address, and your favorites in every category, using the form. Press 'Submit', and you're done. If you've already voted, you can do so again. Your old votes will be replaced with the new ones.