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released games  

On this page, you can download all of the released Interactive Fantasies titles. Before you download a title, you can get some information about it by clicking on 'info'. If you download a title, you can assure that we all tried our very best to make it a quality product!

Released ZZT Games
A Community X-Mas Comedy/AdventureLeamas, HerculesInfo | Download
Asmodeus 2.01 Dungeon-exploring RPGBlue MagusInfo | Download
Bear Hunting + Beer Hunting ArcadeHercules, Hydra, The AgonizerInfo | Download
Blind Remix HorrorBlue MagusInfo | Download
Boof Remix v1.2 Action/comedyChase BramlageInfo | Download
Bullet ArcadecoolzxInfo | Download
Castle Of ZZT ActionHMInfo | Download
Castlevania 827: Oh God not Again Dungeon-exploring RPGVenomInfo | Download
ChickenWire 1.2 ComedyZenithInfo | Download
Cult of Milo Action/adventureRobert PragtInfo | Download
Darkness Falls Interactive movieKoopoInfo | One Two Three
Death Gate AdventureHercules, Hydra, aetsch, WiL, ZenithInfo | Download
Deceiving Guidance Dungeon-exploring/RPGHercules, HydraInfo | Download
Deep December Dungeon-exploring RPGBlue MagusInfo | Download
Dragon Woods AdventureZenithInfo | Download
Dungeon Master's Gallery 1.2 Dungeon-exploring RPGBlue MagusInfo | Download
Final Fantasy Disc One RPGChase BramlageInfo | Download
Forest Of ZZT Side-ScrollerThe AgonizerInfo | Download
Freak Da Cat Side-ScrollerHydraInfo | Download
Freak Da Cat 2 Side-ScrollerHydra, MeBoInfo | Download
Gem Hunter 2 SE Adventure/ActionTsengInfo | Download
Gem Hunter 3 Adventure/ActionTsengInfo | Download
Indiana Jones AdventureHydraInfo | Download
Interstellar Police: Escape Stall' Prison AdventureRobert PragtInfo | Download
Jami's Undercity Remix HorrorBlue MagusInfo | Download
Journey To The Centre Of Nowhere AdventureChili, ZhacolianInfo | Download
King's Quest ZZT Adventure/RPGHydra, MeBoInfo | Download
King's Quest ZZT 2 Adventure/RPGHydra, MeBoInfo | Download
Koopo the Lemming Side-ScrollerKoopoInfo | Download
largoABRAXIS ActionWiLInfo | Download
Magic Land Dizzy AdventureZenithInfo | Download
Mazi Oog ActionWiLInfo | Download
nEGATiVE PuzzleZenithInfo | Download
New Earth Operations (N.E.O) Sci-fi ActionChase BramlageInfo | Download
Operation: Obrian-2 Sci-fi ActionChase BramlageInfo | Download
Pac Man ArcadeWiL, LynxInfo | Download
Pingball ArcadeEthan HuntInfo | Download
Pipeline 99 PuzzleWiLInfo | Download
Post Apopleptic Chill RealismHerculesInfo | Download
Quest For Glory RPGHydra, MeBoInfo | Download
Quest For The Immortals AdventureHercules, The AgonizerInfo | Download
Rebirth, the Uprising RPGJojoisjoInfo | Download
Red Light Zone ComedyHercules, HydraInfo | Download
Rocket Xnight 1 ActionKoopoInfo | Download
Run-on ActionWiLInfo | Download
Sabotage AdventureRobert PragtInfo | Download
Savage Isle RPGHerculesInfo | Download
Scorched Earth ZZT StrategyJacob HammondInfo | Download
The Hague: City Behind the Dunes ComedyHercules, HydraInfo | Download
The Life of a Scotter ComedyHercules, HydraInfo | Download
Trapper ActionLynxInfo | Download
Treasure Island Dizzy AdventureZenithInfo | Download
<untitled> PuzzleZenithInfo | Download
Voyage of Four Interactive movieWiLInfo | Download
Welcome to Hell Interactive movieTsengInfo | Download
ZZT Arcades 1 ArcadeKoopoInfo | Download

Released SuperZZT Games
Fantasy Of Freedom AdventureHydraInfo | Download
The Incredible Building ActionHydraInfo | Download
The Search For The Lost Dog AdventureHerculesInfo | Download

Released MegaZeux Games
Adlo v2.0 Side-ScrollercraNKGodInfo | Game Music Sound
Brotherhood Multiplayer actionHercules, The AgonizerInfo | Game Music Sound
Call of Caethrath Action/AdventureJauhisInfo | Game Music 1 Music 2
Endless Journey: Ethen's Test Chapter 1 Adventure/RPGAlmighty CowInfo | Game Music Sound
Idiopolis ComedyMarcus, Jester, JauhisInfo | Download
Nonsense 2 ComedyEmalkaYInfo | Download
Tetris Arcade/puzzle/MZXakAkwendeInfo | Download
Zombie Quest ComedyJester, JauhisInfo | Game Music

Released Programs/Executables
ASC2BRD Conversion utilityJacob HammondDownload
ZIG v2.0.3 GCSJacob HammondDownload
ZZT Music Player/Ripper v2.2 Music utilityJacob HammondDownload

Released demos and misc. products
A Death Beyond Imagination Demo Demo, MegaZeuxHerculesDownload
Aetsch's BKZZT Collection Collection, ZZTJacob HammondDownload
Am I #play or not? Music, ZZTWiLDownload
An Ewok's Life Demo 2.0 Demo, ZZTHercules, EvilMarioDownload
Ben There, Made This Collection, ZZTBenWDownload
Dark One's Rising Demo Demo, ZZTcoolzxDownload
Despayre 4x3 Player Engine Engine, MegaZeuxFejjDownload
Earth Rim Roamer Z3 Preview - Laughing God Demo, ZZTBlue MagusDownload
Fireball Engine Engine, MegaZeuxHerculesDownload
Flame Frost Blade Demo Demo, ZZTVenomDownload
Gobble_d_Gook Tool, ZZTWiLDownload
iBag v1.0 Tool, ZZTWiLDownload
IF 3rd Birthday Celebration World Collection, ZZTVariousDownload
IF 4th Birthday Celebration World Collection, ZZTVariousDownload
IF ZZT Logo Animation Misc., ZZTVenomDownload
Jurassic Park ZZT Demo Demo, ZZTHMDownload
Mega Color Box '98 Colorkit, ZZTXAbbottDownload
Mosaic Art, ZZTVenomDownload
Mosaic 2 Art, ZZTVenomDownload
Noise Music, ZZTJacob HammondDownload
Nonsense 3 Demo Demo, MegaZeuxEmalkaYInfo | Download
Project G Collection, ZZTyllek nadnerbDownload
Random Battle Engine Engine, ZZTyllek nadnerbDownload
SNACK 4 Colorkit, ZZTVenomDownload
Stairway to Da Hood Art, ZZTTsengDownload
SuperZZT Encyclopedia 1A Tool/compilation, SuperZZTGentoo, HM, EvilMarioDownload
SuperZZT Tools Tool, SuperZZTHMDownload
Total Fades v2.0 Colorkit, ZZTJacob HammondDownload
WAKK! Art, ZZTMeanteeDownload
WiL STK Tool, ZZTWiLDownload
ZZT Palette Plus Colorkit, ZZTLord of ChaosDownload

Released Magazines
IF Mag Issue 1 Released: May 7th, 1998.Hercules, HydraDownload
IF Mag Issue 2 Released: July 1st, 1998.Hercules, HydraDownload
iFantasy Issue 3 Released: November 9th, 1998.HydraDownload
iFantasy Issue 4 Released: January 8th, 1999HerculesDownload
iFantasy Issue 5 Released: May 22th, 1999Ethan HuntDownload
iFantasy Issue 6 Released: August 22th, 1999VenomDownload
iFantasy Issue 7 Released: November 15th, 1999Blue MagusDownload
iFantasy Issue 8 Released: March 5th, 2000HydraDownload
iFantasy Issue 9 Released: October 9th, 2000HMDownload
iFantasy Issue 10 Released: May 15th, 2001Robert PragtDownload
iFantasy Issue 11 Released: February 1st, 2002fejjyDownload