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Welcome to the ZZT/MZXers Picture Gallery. Here you can find all photographs of ZZTers and MZXers (locally stored, so no broken links), that we could find. If you happen to have a picture of someone who isn't here yet, or one of yourself, then please send it (or the URL) to s_pieterse@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance!

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+ Backslash
Small picture with a trippy background.
Co-pilot Backslash hittin' it up!
Small 2003'ish picture of Backslash with longer hair.
Random small picture.
Look, he won a prize! *cheers*

+ Benco
Please keep in mind that the make-up and pussy have been added using the computer. =)
A picture of Benco's forehead.
Jesus! What is he doing to himself?!
Watch out Benco, it's Benco!
I'm seeing double now...@_@
He's gone out of control! Stop him!
Whoa, he's coming straight out of a poster!
Looking like a disturbing gorrila warrior with huge sideburns. O_o
The RADICAL man!
"I have an island on my head."
Imitating Ryosuke. Close, but not quite as dapper!

+ BenW
A rather amusing picture. ;P

+ BiG BuBBa
With a trippy bandage and his cat Smokey.
Being all flashy.
A bad-ass compilation of pictures.
There's something he can't keep inside.

+ Bill Meeks
It's Bill Meeks of UltraWare fame.

+ Blazer
Uhoh, it's a newbie!
Now that must be comfortable.
Leaping over the couch.
Shoutcasting with Chuck. Blazer is on the left.
A pic from Blazer's webcam.
Promoting Sprite in a disturbing way.
A pretty cool and moody picture. ;P
A messy bed and a Matrix poster.
Blazer's profile, taken on his party (august 2003).
With a witch hat and his birthday cake (august 2003).
On the left, with some college people.
Thinking, that's all.
Peace, and such!

+ Blue Magus
A dark and scary picture of good ol' Blue.
Another dark picture of Tony Testa.
Dark Tony in the picture from Me Today.

+ Bocco11
Bocco's pic put into the status screen of the Bocco Chronicles (MZX game).
In London - Bocco's in the middle. The other guys are FishFood (left) and Lord Igsel (right).
Bocco and a girl.
Small picture, with some lake on the background.

+ Bongo
Eet ees Bongo von Bongonov!
Small picture from March 2001.
Another small pic, from around May 2001.
Another one, from somewhere in 2002.
Hair slicked back, all like a boy of summer!

+ Boonob
Looking at the ground.

+ booth
He looks like a young, weird surfer.

+ Bustaballs
Angry bear wants to beat up your children.
...But first, he wants to share sone words of wisdom.

+ ButterWhore
ButterWhore (right) together with Viovis (left).
Play that funky music! ButterWhore's on the right and Viovis on the left.
A japanese ninja...
Around the table with Viovis. ButterWhore is sitting left.
With Viovis and another dude. He's sitting right.
Viovis and ButterWhore together. Butter's standing right.

+ Calen (Easton Blue)
Biiiiig eeeempty schoolyard... ;D
Spikey haircut.
With his ex-girlfriend.
Mama, he's trying to seduce me! :O
He's standing there... and uhh. Uhh.
Ready and packed for school.
Wearing a yellow cap.
New haircut (early 2003).
Totally new look. Or something.

+ Casper
A rather cute picture. :D

+ Cheezit
That's a weird mouth he has. :)
Cheezit and his girlfriend.

+ Chuck
Oh no, he squished a walnut!
A picture taken from his webcam.
Shoutcasting with Blazer. Chuck is on the right.
A sinister, staring Chuck.
I like rocks.
Wearing sunglasses. DIGGIT?
Showing his new cell phone.
California dreamin'.
Dressed up in a decent suit.
Jew boy. ;P
Xenosaga! :D
Playing Xenosaga.
Wearing his new LiveJournal t-shirt (April 2003).
Spiky hair.
In a neat suit.
Taking a pic of himself in the mirror.
Chuck (left) and the others before the prom.
Chuck (left) and some other guys, before the prom.
At the prom with three of his friends.
Umm, hi? More prom business.
Chuck and a scary man!
Chuck with his prom-date Ash.
Hosting his own radio show at college.
Radio show II. Don't make me go Zelda on you!
Open mic-night along with his roommate Phill.
Open mic-night II.
Sitting on a stairs with some college friends.
Ooooh, ice cream!
Dressed up as his room mate Phill. \m/
Evil incarnate.
Fueled by bawls.
When he just started growing out a beard.
Chuck (left) with two film makes and his room mate.
Zee beard again.
Neatly dressed up, with a girl trying to lick his ear.
Together with a friend from college.
New shirts.
The beard in full glory.
Camp boys giving the finger. Chuck is on the left.
With his girlfriend.
Against Bush.
Cute homoerotic business on the floor.
That's one kinky poster.
Emo Chuck again.

+ Clint Nielson (Monthigos)
The creator of Sivion, back in the old days.
Small picture from 2002.

+ clysm
An old picture taken before he went to Estonia.

+ commodorejohn
Whatever he's doing, I'm scared.

+ coolzx
The breakdancer doing a funky-flex elbow dance!

+ cornsalt
Sleeping with a sweet Bunny. :P
Reading, and thinking about it, so it seems. =)
In his backyard (it's true! :P) in New Zealand.
Morning bed head! Heheh.
In his white Reebok shirt, or something.
Wearing a bandana, acting crazy.
Crazyness + the bandana, part 2.
Together with his girlfriend.
Golden rabbits!
Next to his sister and wearing a porn t-shirt.
The girl fell asleep! Oh dear.
Together with the gang. He's the second one from the left.

+ Creator (Merisa)
A pic with a weird purple-ish glow.
A small picture.
With new glasses! :P

+ D.
Where is this, anyway?
Playing pool in a radical outfit.

+ Daemon Lotos
Picture taken some mid-2004.
Drunk, with 5 bucks in his hand.
Same night as above. Mmm, Smirnoff.
Saying goodbye to his girlfriend at the airport.
A midnight dinner at college.

+ Darby J.
Hawt shit? You decide...

+ Darkmage
The oldbie Darkmage with long hair and a goatee.
A small picture from Darkmage's LiveJournal.
Another small picture.
Pic from June 2001, with a slightly different haircut.
Another small picture part two.

+ DarkShadow
Looking at his screen.

+ Dark_Visions
Parasite (left) and Dark_Visions (right).

+ Dave2
Too close for comfort.
Contemplating his next move.
I have no idea, man!.
Some guy watching Dave's back.

+ Davr0s (maladroit)
Harry Potter wearing an Offspring t-shirt.

+ Datsun1958
You said what?
Looking an awful lot like Mr Bean. ;P

+ DeathFox
Hey, man. Whatcha lookin' at?
There's an eerie look in his eyes.

+ Dexter
Kellis is the name, Marc Kellis.
With blue hair and sunglasses. Whee.
Just took a pic of himself in the mirror.
Another pic took by Dex himself using a mirror.
The mirror and the Hawaiian shirt.
Dexter with green hair and funky headphones. :D
A vague picture.
With a weird expression on his face.
Wearing a suit.
Bleached hair and a pumpkin in the background (October 2001).
Bleached hair, number 2.
Hawaiian Dexter (November 2001).
It's Crocodile Dexdee!
KamblaMM-o! (January 2002)
You jive turkey.
I am: not a quiz result, but a person, and my name is...
Lookin' all messed up.
Dexter and Dexter.
Dexter and a bunch of high school chicks!
Dexter und foxy lady.

Funky glasses and a smile.
Glasses, headphones and a truckerhat.
'Cutie on Duty' playing guitar for some people.
Hmmm, blue hair!
There's a Canadian flag on his wall. That's all.
Holding a baby, with random people scattered around the room.
Holding another baby.

+ Diamond
Hey, who's that guy with the white glove?
Ass to you, camera!
Looking very happy. :)
A dark picture.
Staring at something.
Looking very happy part 2.
Together with his girlfriend Yun.
Blank stare.
Showing his Veloso egg.

+ Dive
Life is good indeed.
The text on the picture says enough...
Ohmahgawd, don't use that spray on me, girl!
Dive dangerously wielding a sword.
Uhm, guess what just happened. =)
Mysterious knight Dive wielding a shield.
Dive in some funky outfit.
Dancing with his girlfriend Carrie.
Dive, with goatee, moustache & sideburns (June 2002).
Southern Polytechnic State University student card.
Hi. *grin*
In the kitchen.
With his new replica gun, lookin' dangerous!
Cowboy Dive.

+ DoggyShop
Sitting down in Barcelona (Spain).
Chilling in Ireland.
Partying at Trance Energy.
DoggyShop (left) with a friend on the rave Qlimax (December 2001).
Acting all wacky! (April 2003)
Creaming a friend's head, preparing him for BALDNESS!

+ Draco
Humping a giant ear sculpture. Don't ask. =)
Playin' Frankenweenie!
Again, playing Frankenweenie.
Draco, the rock-star!
Word, brutha!
Thinking, thinking, thinking...
It's Bon Jovi, baaaby!
Draco: "here's a picture of me looking like a goofy bastard".
In his red undies, heh.
The Beck Connection.
Chilling (picture taken by |3itch, I think).
Lookee, it's Popeye!.
He's got a new haircut (August 2001).
Smokin' it awlright. ;D-~~~
Together with his girlfriend |3itch.
Apparently shaved off his goatee.
Umm, HI!. ...
Emo as fuck!
If pants color could kill...
Christmas 2002; fiddling around.
Christmas 2002: empty plate.
Christmas 2002: taking a smoke.
Christmas 2002: his dog is getting a present!
Unshaven, wearing his Betty Boop shirt.
Bongo: "That is a grim ass expression".
Forcing a big smile.

Ooh, it's a wig!
Big grin on the passenger seat.
Blank stare on the passenger seat.
Disturbing stare in the dark.
Feel the intimidation!
Dressed like he's going to play guitar.
...Now force a smile and snort some coke.
Caught with a big smoke.
Together with some girl.

+ Dr. Dos
School pictures are evil. And furry.
It's the fluffy moustache that does it.
I look stoned.

+ Dsone
Behind the computers with huge headphones and shiny hair.
Standing next to a car with a ladder inside of it.
Dsone with a German girl! This can't be good...
With his trusty guitar.

+ Elliot Moriarty
An extremely outdated picture of Elliot (mid-1997).
A picture taken in August 1999. Elliot is obviously the guy in the middle. =)
His passport picture from January 2001.

+ emerging_lurker
Standing in the doorway.

+ emmzee
Sitting on the stairs
Canada rocks ass!
Using his brother's Logitech webcam. :P
He's got some new stuff!
Just a small picture of ol' Darren.

+ Endril
In the woods lookin' fer food.

+ Eric Drobile (Duhreetoh)
He's evil!
Oh no! It's a BooshKie! (very outdated picture)
Our saint...
Eric, watch out for ZeriK!
A dark pic of Eric. And that rhymes.
It's all about Eric.
There is no dissin' me, yo.
Eric (right) and a friend of his with Shasta Cola bottles.
A blurry pic of Eric outside the mall after dusk.
Being all bad-ass and sexy!
Matrix prom outfit!
With his prom date.
Gangster-style at the prom (Eric is the upper right one).
Oooh, NOW we're getting somehwere!
Looking rather content.
On the backseat of the car.
Eric (right) and two friends.
Of nakedness and chest hair.
Fear dem glasses!
Eric (middle) with two silly friends.
Being bad-ass with his b-boys (and flygirl).
Shady close-up.
Eric and a girl named Niki somewhere at college.
Kinky-fied his tongue by 200%.
Looking strangely photoshopped.
On the beach...
Gorilla Inc. (second from left).
Save me, please.
Being bad-ass with his girl.
He reminds me of that one guy... Nice suit, by the way.
Oooh! I guess this is none of our business.
Maya Complete.

+ Es (Esdemo)
Happy CD purchase.
Hong Kong Phooey tha man!
*click* ..Gotcha.

+ Exophase
Crazy ol' Exo, man of great knowledge.
With his sister, nicely dressed up.
Ooh, haircut!

+ EvilMario
The plumber has gone bald!