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24 hours of zzt archive  

Welcome to the 24 hours of ZZT archive. You will be able to find all or most of the information on all 24 hours of ZZT contests held in the past, as well as all the entries. 24 hours of ZZT contests require the participants to create a ZZT game based on a certain topic in 24 hours. The entries are scored by a panel of judges and the winner gets to host the next contest (by tradition; there are exceptions here). They are held four times a year, once every season.



1st (tie): Theta14 - "Color Revival"

1st (tie): zzblue - "Curse of the Vampire's Curse"

2nd: Flimsy Parkins - "The Revival of Richard Ravenshead"

3rd: Knightt - "The Revived Come Alive"

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Date held: March 24th, 2001
Host: emmzee
Topic: Revival
Judges: emmzee, Hercules, Chuck, Fishfood
# of entries: 28
Original scoresheet: Spring 2001 24hoz site

emmzee hosted this contest with some help of Hercules (me). The most noticeable thing about this contest is that it turned out to have two winners (zzblue and Theta14), tieing for place one. There was no tiebreaker system or whatever, so the contest had two winners. This also meant that Theta and zzblue were to host the next contest together, which they did. Originally, there was no 2nd place because of the tie for place one. Flimsy placed third and Knightt 4th. I changed this around for this archive, though.

Also, Lemmer judged this contest as well, but he sent in his scores too late. Also, emmzee disagreed on his judging -- see here.


1st: Knightt - "The Revived are Still Alivel"

2nd: Hercules, Robert Pragt - "Self-rot"

3rd: Oof - "Foinshwaig U R Game"

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Date held: June 22nd, 2001
Hosts: zzblue, Theta14
Topic: Invention
Judges: zzblue, Theta14, Jacob Hammond, Skullie, Chuck
# of entries: 27
Original scoresheet: here

zzblue and Theta did a pretty decent job hosting the first 24 hours of ZZT contest being hosted by two people. On the other hand, there was some ruckus about KevEdit not being allowed in the contest. A tiebreaker rule was brought to life, so that we wouldn't have two participants both winning the contest again.

Knightt finally managed to win a 24hoz, after having stood on the "other" podium places (2nd and 3rd spots) a few times. Also, for one of the first times in 24hoz history, a few entries were disqualified for reasons other than being a junk entry (during the Summer 1999 and Spring 2000 contests, one or two entries were DQed as well). Reasons this time were "lack of topic compliance" and "lack of name and id number on title screen".


1st: zzblue - "Death-wish"

2nd: Kev Vance, Lipid - "Ray of H.O.P.E."

3rd: AKNeutron, AKElectron, Misteroo - "Rob Tropicana in: Rob Tropicana's Really Big Hope Quest"

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Date held: October 13th, 2001
Host: Knightt
Topic: Hope
Judges: Knightt, Cait Sith, Chuck, Tseng
# of entries: 30
Original scoresheet: here

Knightt hosted his second 24hoz (first one being the Autumn 1999 one), but this time he did so because he won the previous 24hoz. The MZXers Kev Vance and Lipid, as well as the AKware team, did a great job and of course, zzblue lived it up to the expectations.

jimbob was on the judging council as well, but he dropped out. After a long time of absence, Tseng was back on the 24hoz judging panel, too.