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Here you can find a lot of links to other ZZT and MegaZeux pages on the web. If you like to have your page added too, just fill in the form on the bottom of the page. Include your e-mail address, so we can mail you if we notice something's wrong with the URL. Write something about your site, and don't forget to include the URL of it! Please let us know if one of the links doesn't work, or if your page is moved and gets another URL.

Archives/general sites:

  • DigitalMZX - A reincarnation of the Untitled MegaZeux page by joshdw1 and Maverick, currently the MZX community center. It features reviews, previews, downloads, the main MegaZeux message boards and more. It's a really resourceful and interactive MegaZeux site.

  • mWorld - Matt Williams' site. It has *much* stuff on it, like the MegaZeux Source Code, a games archive, a news archive ranging back to 1996. The site itself is no longer being updated, but it still deserves a smiley. :P

  • Zeuxworld - A really neat MegaZeux community-oriented site by ZzCrook. It includes up-to-date news, active forums, a photo gallery, tons of games downloads and more. Definitely something to check up on.

  • Z2 - The number one ZZT resource/archive. The crew varies from time to time. In the past and present, it has been run by people like Funk, Kracken, Nadir, Tseng, and MadTom. It's got a LOT of info worth to look at, tons of ZZT games for download (and new ones being added frequently), the main ZZT message boards, and a lot more.

Company sites:

  • Crimson Abyss - The MegaZeux company run by Cheezit (of Snarfoogle fame) is back once again! The site is looking really good and it has information on Cheezit's awesome-looking MegaZeux games.

  • Cookie Cutter Games - CCG is a relatively new programming group, owned by Nadir and Kracken. Their website is looking rather graphical and shiny and they seem to have quite some talent ZZT-wise.

  • Random Inc - The big ZZT company run by Tseng. It's a rather cool company with some oldbies and new ZZTers with potential. Previously Knightt's company, but he left off in March of 2002. I get the idea they are currently dead, but I'm not sure.

Personal sites:

ZZT Clones/tools:

  • PlanetZZT++ - WeP is rebuilding ZZT in C++. It's an open-source project, so when it's finished, it will be possible to add functionality and such to the original ZZT!

Non-ZZT/MZX sites:
  • Killing Playground - A site dedicated to the hardest form of house music: hardcore. Here, you can find vinyl/CD reviews, party reports, party pictures and more. It's run by Hydra and some others.

  • Mall Monkeys - A most excellent and popular webcomic by former MZXer Eric Drobile and two of his friends. It features a bunch of crazy teenagers and their adventures in the mall. Sadly, it has been discontinued.