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Here you can download the basic needs if you start to play ZZT or MegaZeux; the programs itself and essential tools you'll need when you start making games yourself. Before you download something you can look at its size, read some information or view a small screenshot.

Game Creating Systems

ZZT v3.2

download (59.6k)

ZZT, made by Tim Sweeney in 1991, started the entire craze on the internet. It's a simple ASCII/ANSi Game Creating System, yet loved by so many because of its simplicity. Its programming language, ZZT-OOP, is very easy to learn, but it can still be used to program quite complex things.


download (51.4k)

SuperZZT, made by Tim Sweeney, is a Game Creating System which is by far not as succesful as its predecessor, ZZT. It does have some features over ZZT, like larger boards, an extra self-configurable counter and an in-game hint system. However, it also has a few flaws, ie. the bugs which haven't been fixed.

MegaZeux v2.51

download (749k)

MegaZeux v2.51, made by Gregory Janson, is an ASCII/ANSi-based Game Creating System with a lot more features than ZZT and SuperZZT. Some of the features are char and palette editing, mod/s3m music and sam sound support, loads and loads of extra commands, etc... Note that this zip file includes Caverns of Zeux, the first released MegaZeux world ever (made by Gregory Janson, the author of MegaZeux).

MegaZeux v2.51 s3.1 beta

download (379k)

MegaZeux v.251s3.1 made by Charles Goetzman and others, is the latest version of the MegaZeux "Spider-series". It adds all kinds of new features to MegaZeux, like mouse support, in-game screen capturing, more counters, etc...

MegaZeux Akwende 2

download (238k)

MegaZeux Akwende 2, also referred to as MZXak 2, is an improvement over the Spider series, made by Akwende. It offers an extended set of instructions via Function Counters and also allows you to make use of SMZX_MODE (enhanced colors). This is a definite must-have for the advanced Robotics programmer. This zip file also includes MZXrun 2, which is basically MegaZeux without the editor, so you'll have more free memory to play games. Note that you will have to extract the files into the directory you have your MegaZeux Spider version in.

ZZT tools

Super Tool Kit

download (30.4k)

Super Tool Kit, made by Gregory Janson, is the tool which first had colors that aren't available in the regular ZZT editor. It contains all kinds of walls, objects, enemies, lines, blinking stuff and more in 16 different colors with 8 different background colors. This is really a must-have for any ZZT programmer.

Shades Toolbox

download (1.96k)

Shades Toolbox, made by Chronos, is an extremely handy color kit, which combines all of the colored solids, normals, breakables, waters and fakes on one board.

Unlock Pro

download (20.2k)

Unlock Pro, a utility made by Kevin Vance, allows you to remove locks from locked ZZT (both normal locks and Super Locks).

ZZT Piano

download (658k)

ZZT Piano, made by Dark FLR, is a windows application that allows you to compose music, which can be converted to ZZT #play commands. It's a very useful utility for people who don't know how to write music very well, but it's a good tool for advanced ZZT music composers, too. This utility requires VB Runtime 5 and VB Runtime 6.

SuperZZT tools

SuperZZT Help Files

download (25.6k)

The SuperZZT Help Files, written/ported from ZZT by HM, are a collection of .hlp files. If you place these in your SuperZZT directory, and press H followed by Enter in the editor, you can get help on (Super)ZZT-OOP.

MegaZeux tools

Get Password

download (9.0k)

Get Password is a utility written by Gregory Janson. It can be used to retrieve the password of locked MegaZeux worlds, so you can edit them.

Font Utility

download (14.9k)

With Font Utility you can easily copy characters between two char files. You can select to copy blocks of text, only the letters, punctuation, etc... This way you can easily add new fonts to multiple CHR files.


download (275k)

PCX2CHR is a utility written by Shadow Wolf. It can be used to convert a PCX file (256x112, 256 colors) to a CHR file. This way, it's possible to add things like pictures or neato text art to your MegaZeux worlds.