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upcoming titles  

This section of the page holds information about the titles the Interactive Fantasies team is currently working on. They are organized by member (who're listed in alphabetical order). Click on the thumbnails for a normal-sized screenshot.

Please note that Hercules and Hydra are currently not working on any projects.

Nonsense 3: Even More Nonsense! (MegaZeux)
The third installment in EmalkaY's well-known Nonsense series. This one features a new speech bubble engine, a bigger and better menu and inventory, more script, characters and thought-out plot, loads and loads of cinematic scenes, and more! It's coming along really nicely, so stay tuned!


Currently nothing, after he finished the huge game "Call of Caethrath".

Jester (Tommy)

Kodiak (MegaZeux)
A space shooting engine about an Ancient War station called Kodiak, which is moving through the universe, destroying mankind. This engine will feature many different weapons and some flashy visuals. Jauhis and Marcus are working on this as well. Eventually, it will be incorporated as part of a full-length game.

WoW X (MegaZeux)
WoW x has been named after the joke game by Lord_Twisted and its joke sequel WoW2 (made by the Finnards). However, has nothing to do with those games. The game is also known as Worlds of War. There are 4 planets and war rages on each of them. You get to choose which planet you want to play and you'll get to kill everything (isn't that grande?). The game features a nifty shotgun engine, nice graphics and 15 minutes of fun.

Crest (MegaZeux; working title)
Crest is a rather dark game. You are Gorgoil Darkhart, a Gargoyle worshipping dark fighter. In this game you play the EVIL one. Your castle, Darkforth, is under attack by a group of clerics and knights. After you defeat the attacking horde, something or someone destroys your castle and all your servants get killed. Of course you blame the clerics for this "destruction" and decide to revenge... so it's like one man against an army. Crest features 2x2 characters, nice animations/graphics, a leveling system, spells and many different swords. Hack 'n slash, baby!


It's Just Life (ZZT)
As Abdule gets out of bed, to when he goes to bed. Whatever he does, and whatever happens to him, happens for a reason. With just one decision, his life can be turned upside down, and once it happens, there is no turned back time, you just have to deal with it and say: "Well, It's Just Life."

Marcus (Galladin)

Dragonbreed (MegaZeux)
Right now Dragonbreed seems to be Marcus' main project. All of the main engines are done, and Marcus has already made some playable boards. A short demo version has been released (see below). It features awesome graphics, a fully animated main character, a somewhat twisted plot, a real-time sword-engine, four spells, and a decent character development system. This game is probably the most promising project Marcus has ever been working on.
  • Read the prologue here.
  • Download the demo here.

The Speaker in Dreams (MegaZeux)
This is going to be a large game, divided into different episodes, which will be released one by one. The game is set in a Dungeons & Dragons environment and stars a party of four, led by Lord Garathor (a human fighter). Currently, Marcus is working on the menu/inventory system.

Disorder (ZZT)
A strangely disturbing puzzle game. You wake up and do not remember who you are. Ahead of you are halls full of mystery and puzzles.

Worldly Adventure (ZZT)
Worldy Adventure will be a feel-good adventure game, with a few minor action elements. You take the role of Raven, who was adopted by a knight and his wife when he was just a baby and he grew up to become a knight of castle Lyneradia. Benjamin, his best friend, however, grew up to be the king. Now, 17 years later, Benjamin is about to become king of the lands and he needs you to do him a little favour. He still needs a queen! So go find him a girl! :D

Not really sure, but we're told he is working on SOMETHING. :P