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24 hours of zzt archive  

Welcome to the 24 hours of ZZT archive. You will be able to find all or most of the information on all 24 hours of ZZT contests held in the past, as well as all the entries. 24 hours of ZZT contests require the participants to create a ZZT game based on a certain topic in 24 hours. The entries are scored by a panel of judges and the winner gets to host the next contest (by tradition; there are exceptions here). They are held four times a year, once every season.



1st: Myth - "Nightplanet"

2nd: Bongo - "City of the Stupid: Road Trip"
3rd: emmzee - "Dreamling"

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Date held: July 10th, 1998
Host: mono
Topic: Night
Judges: Creator, Kev Vance, xf
# of entries: 18
Original scoresheet: n/a

This was the first 24 hours of ZZT contest ever to be held. mono got the idea from the 24 hours of Zeux contests (also known as Day of Zeux's). By doing this, mono started what is now one of the biggest traditions in ZZT history, if not the biggest.

Please note that the entries zip file doesn't contain the entry by Viper and Jeff Conroy, because the version which was up on the old page was corrupted and I can't seem to find it anywhere (even mono, Viper and Jeff Conroy don't have it anymore).


1st: hm - "The Black Library"

2nd: Kev Vance - "Aereocon"

3rd (tie): Piman, majiCK - "A Brief History of Zeux"

3rd (tie): Chuck - "Dawn of Time"

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Date held: December 28th, 1998
Host: Myth
Topic: History
Judges: Myth, Skullie, Lemmer, emmzee
# of entries: 15
Original scoresheet: n/a

Myth, who won the Summer 1998 24hoz, hosted this contest -- "winner hosts the next contest", something that also became a tradition. With only 15 entries, this was one of the least popular 24hoz contests ever. The third place was a draw between the team of Piman and majiCK, and Chuck.

Kev Vance and the team of Piman/majiCK were mainly MZXers at that time, so it was quite surprising to have them in the top 3. Kev Vance made a succesfull reappearance in the 24hoz later on. Also, at this point, Myth had no idea this wasn't the last 24hoz he was to host in his carreer.

This 24hoz also showed us the first "junk entry", an entry made crappy on purpose. deadwoK was the one who made it ("Why the Judges are Fags"). Junk entries got banned from the 24hoz later on.