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24 hours of zzt archive  

Welcome to the 24 hours of ZZT archive. You will be able to find all or most of the information on all 24 hours of ZZT contests held in the past, as well as all the entries. 24 hours of ZZT contests require the participants to create a ZZT game based on a certain topic in 24 hours. The entries are scored by a panel of judges and the winner gets to host the next contest (by tradition; there are exceptions here). They are held four times a year, once every season.


Winter (2001-2002)

1st: Leamas, Grinch - "Welcome to Seasons"

2nd: Chuck - "Seasons of Love"

3rd: Theta14 - "Farmer Man and the Season Control Machine"

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Date held: January 26th, 2002
Host: zzblue
Topic: Seasons
Judges: zzblue, Knightt, Tseng, Skullie
# of entries: 14
Original scoresheet: here

This was actually the Winter 24 hours of ZZT contest of 2001, but zzblue didn't find any time to host it in 2001, so he hosted it in early 2002. This means 2002 will probably have two Winter 24hoz contests, so don't get confused.

This 24hoz had the lowest amount of entries until early 2002, which was a shame. Still, some good entries were pulled out and the team of Leamas and Grinch (two brothers) ran away with the victory. This is the second time two ZZTers are victorious in a 24hoz, but last time it was a tie for first place, while a team won here.

Dexter was a judge as well, but he didn't send his scores in on time. Eurakarte and Zamros were listed on the site as judges as well, but according to zzblue, he just did that to "make them feel important" -- they never really were judges.


1st: zzblue - "The Betrayed"

2nd: WiL - "Stranded - An Ed's Tale"

3rd: Oof - "Sides"

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Date held: January 26th, 2002
Hosts: Leamas, Grinch
Topic: Betrayal
Judges: Leamas, Grinch, Fishfood, Hercules, Chuck, Skullie
# of entries: 17
Original scoresheet: here

Just like last season, not a whole lot of entries. None of them got an average score above the 8, too (zzblue had the highest, with a 7.6). This was the second 24 hours of ZZT contest hosted by two people; however, this time it's two brothers (Leamas and Grinch). zzblue ran away with his third 24hoz victory so far, which is a record! Hercules and Myth are the only ones that have won two 24hoz's at this point, too. Also note that Ultima's entry got disqualified due to cheating.


1st: Theta14 - "Farmer Man Episode 2: Attack of the Clowns"

2nd: ???

3rd: ???

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Date held: July 28th, 2002
Host: zzblue
Topic: War
Judges: zzblue, ???
# of entries: 8
Original scoresheet: n/a

This contest turned to maybe the most disappointing 24hoz to date. Only 8 entries and no real results. Apparently one judge didn't send in his scores and zzblue wasn't pleased with the entries at all. He decided to "fuck the establishment" and not post any official results. Theta14 was called out as the winner by zzblue, and he got to host the next contest.


1st: Nanobot, Bigge - "The Player's 24hoZZT"

2nd: Jotz - "Mystery of Red Mansion"

3rd: Bocco - "Question Mark"

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Date held: October 12th & 13th, 2002
Host: Theta14
Topics: Mystery (rest: see text)
Judges: Theta14, zzblue, Hercules, Wong Chung Bang
# of entries: 9 (3, 2, 8: see text)
Original scoresheet: here

Theta14, who "won" the previous 24hoz in a strange way, decided to have side-contests during this edition of the 24hoz. Besides the main topic (which people make a game about), there were three art topics (autumn, vehicle, superhero/-heroine), three programming topics (platformer, racing, inventory) and a junk topic (pirates). People had the choice to participate in one or more of these four contests. All were judged seperately. You had 24 hours to work on the game entry, followed by 6 hours of rest and 18 hours for the side-contest entries.

The winner of the main "game" contest would get to host the next contest and the other winners and 2nd spots could win judging places (even though this was never confirmed by the host of the next contest, so it was quite useless). Note that only the winners of the "game" side-contest were mentioned above. PlastikFish (Robert Pragt) won the art contest, Nanobot won the programming contest and Mr_Alert won the junk contest.