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Active Period July 2004 to Present
Notable releases Pandora's Gate (with Lancer-X and asgromo)
Thanatos Insignia Deluxe Pack (with Lancer-X)
Vaporware {{{vaporware}}}
Companies Medium-Rare Ware
POOP ROAD >:( (defunct)

Active Projects



Oizys is a Ninja-Gaiden esque platformer expanded from the incomplete DoZ entry Risa. Features multiple weapons and a built-in joypad configuration utility. Released on 24 December 2009.


CoAZ: Ornithologist Ted in Cavern of Avians Z is a basic top down action game with sprite bosses and generated levels. Wasn't released until 2011.


Zeux I: Labyrinth of Zeux is a port of Labrynth of Zeux to MegaZeux with an entirely redone soundtrack, among other things. Other community members helped Lachesis with the soundtrack: GreaseMonkey, CJA, ThdPro, and nooodl. Zeux I was released in August 2011 with an incremental update released on Christmas 2011 and a final version in November 2013.

In 2011, Lachesis created enemy graphics for Lancer-X's game &


HELLQUEST takes the title from a Summer 2008 Lachesis Day of Zeux game but is actually an entirely different game utilizing built-ins, mostly default graphics, and old-style duplicate self weapons. Dive into HELL SYSTEM and save your twin sister! Released in early April, 2012, after a fake April Fools release.

Forgotten is a top-down shooter that combines WASD/Arrows movement and mouse aiming. It was made in a relatively short span of time during the week before the Winter 2013 Dualstream Day of Zeux, and features a title screen and music selection by Lancer-X. It could be considered Lachesis's "DoZ entry" for that DoZ, as she did not participate in it and instead judged.


Lachesis contributed enemy graphics and an overworld sprite to the 2013 Lancer-X game red.

xx̊y is a top-down exploration puzzle game. Take the role of a shape-shifter trying to find their identity amidst a bizarre world...and who's this magical girl "Francesca"?


no True(n) (with Lancer-X and asgromo)


Don't Look Back

Day of Zeux Submissions

Game Co-authors Info
The Game That Skwirl Stars In 4th place — 733/1200
The Technicolor Adventures of Sheriff Bob Taitorian, paulguy 8th place — 1004/1600
Hellquest Spectere, Old-Sckool 8th place — 414/1600. Incomplete. Unrelated to HELLQUEST.
Risa 4th place — 1348/2000. Original version of Oizys.
Those Alien Invader! 6th place — 766/1200. rRootage-style shooter.
Thanatos Insignia Lancer-X, CJA 1st place — 1273/1600. Top-down action adventure game. Lachesis did most of the graphical and level design work.
Pandora's Gate Lancer-X, asgromo 1st place — 975/1200. Strategy RPG. Lachesis did most of the graphical and area design work, and conceived the encounter layouts.
Thanatos Insignia 2 Lancer-X 2nd place — 1140/1600. Top-down action adventure game. Lachesis did most of the graphical and area design work/coding.
Winter 2013 Dualstream Day of Zeux Judged.
no True(n) Lancer-X, asgromo 1st place — 702/800. Top-down action exploration game focused on 64 equippable runes. Lachesis did the graphical and level design work as well as enemy scripting/placement.