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Author Lachesis
Company n/a
Release Date December 31, 2013
Genre Exploration, puzzle
Download DMZX Archive

xx̊y is a top-down exploration/puzzle game released by Lachesis in 2013.



The protagonist is a nameless blob which must take on the forms of other creatures and people, while attempting to find their true form.

Anneke is a recluse who has been ostracized from her school life and is the secondary protagonist.

Francesca is a mysterious magical girl/witch who aids the protagonist early during their quest.

This list of characters is intentionally left incomplete.


Name Description Location found Interaction Special Action Passive Action
False Shape The shape of a teenage boy. Can interact with some objects
Shapeless A blob form that can take the form of other beings or objects. Upstairs Copies the form of the object it's facing.
Drifter A strong monster. Dark Wasteland (north), Hospital Can interact with some things; pushes rocks. Groans and walks away when interacted with. Pushes rocks, evokes a reaction from some beings.
Mirror A mirror. Upstairs, Snow Land (south) Some characters will react to looking at the mirror.
Student A teenage student in secondary school. Main Entrance, East Classrooms, West Classrooms Can talk to other students for information.
Persian A Persian rug. East Classrooms, Dark Wasteland (north), Hospital When talked to, most forms will compliment that it is a nice looking rug. Teleports the player back to the last checkpoint.
Flashlight A flashlight. Dark Wasteland (north), Hospital Can light up dark areas and make certain invisible beings visible.
Ghost A spooky ghost. West Classrooms Can talk to most beings and objects Nullifies the effects of the Flashlight. The ghost is invisible to most beings unless a Flashlight reveals her.
Cultist It has a knife and it's thirsty for blood... Dark Wasteland (south), Snow Land (north), Hospital Can talk to most things. Stabs whatever it is facing.
Telephone Beep beep beep beep bee Anneke's House, Home Some beings will attempt to answer the phone or make a call. Makes a ringing sound.
Anneke A recluse and electronics genius. Anneke's House Can talk to most things; hacks door locks. Sits down.
Noselips Just a nose. And a pair of lips. Dark Wasteland (south) Can talk to most things. Sprints until it hits something.
Flowers Some pretty flowers. Snow Land (north) Some beings will interact with flowers. A bee buzzes around the flowers.
Francesca The protagonist's true form. Hospital Can interact with most beings; hacks door locks, pushes rocks. Pushes rocks if present; otherwise, attempts to fly.
Bird You're a bird! School Basement Can interact with most beings. Turns the object it is facing into a bird. Works on most objects, including doors.
Stopwatch A simple stopwatch. Dark Wasteland (north) Stops all objects onscreen until the player leaves the screen. The door lock timer is disabled during the door hacking slider puzzles.