Summer 2012 Dualstream Day of Zeux

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Summer 2012 Day of Zeux
Host KKairos
Judges KKairos, Wildweasel, Insidious, Wervyn
Date July 6-7th, 2012
Topic(s) Individuality (abstract)

Alternate History (concrete)

Scoresheet Theme-independent
Preceeded by Summer 2011 Day of Zeux
Followed by Winter 2013 Day of Zeux

The Summer 2012 Dualstream Day of Zeux was held by KKairos on July 6-7th, 2012. The topics were Individuality and Alternate history. The competition received a low-average number of entries, albeit relatively high compared to the three prior competitions (7 non-DQed, 6, and most recently 3). Several high quality submissions were released in this DoZ, including a top-down racing game by Risu2112 and Otto Germain, a violent shoot-em-up sequel to another Day of Zeux entry, an RPG, and a resource conservation almost-roguelike. Only one game was disqualified, due to using conversions of images created before the competition.


Place Number Title Team Score
1st 80483 DUI 20XX Shark Force 7 (Otto Germain, Risu2112) 1250/1600
2nd 49932 Thanatos Insignia 2 Making Our DoZ Game With PZX And Forth Codes (Lancer-X, Lachesis) 1140/1600
3rd 20027 Wild Fire GOD DAMN YOU! I CAN STILL FIGHTING! (Maxim) 1088/1600
4th 74588 Spirit Quest Quizzical Conniption (ThdPro) 983/1600
5th 74770 Ununhexium 親戚とFILHÓSを食べるクリスマスの霊 (nooodl) 882/1600
6th 83889 weltschmerz devNEKO (TOXi) 676/1600
7th 30154 President Skeleton a skeleton (ough) 525/1600
8th 24966 Hipster Quest Bronami (CaptainFailmore) 413/1600
9th 85538 Ken: A Matter of Individuality Wombat's Eye Productions (Zappman) 375/1600
10th 69245 Final Kamikaze Cute Bounty Hunter (Baby Bonnie Hood) 368/1600
DQed 82246 ffffff... i broekd 4 (Old-Sckool) 397/1600

Judging Sheets

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