Winter 2013 Dualstream Day of Zeux

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Winter 2013 Day of Zeux
Host Insidious
Judges Insidious, Wervyn, Lachesis
Date January 5-6th, 2013
Topic(s) Nostalgia (abstract)

Dragons (concrete)

Scoresheet Theme-independent
Preceeded by Summer 2012 Day of Zeux
Followed by Winter 2014 Day of Zeux

The Winter 2013 Dualstream Day of Zeux was held by Insidious on January 5-6th, 2013. The topics were Nostalgia and Dragons.


Place Number Title Team Score Penalty
1st 55314 Schone Zeiten @horse_ebooks (x-ɹǝɔuɐן, oɯoɹbsɐ) 947/1200
2nd 20945 Ballad of Dargan the Dragon, The Awesome Bros C.D. (KKairos, Electromaniacal) 743.4/1200 10%
3rd 65974 Dracos Corona The Madman's Mind Bowel (ThDPro,TheJMan) 574/1200
4th 92887 Nostalgia Valenta (hayashi, Robdonkey) 556/1200
5th 11776 Dragon Blaster Maxim (Maxim) 436/1200

Judging Sheets

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