Labrynth of Zeux

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Labrynth of Zeux
Author Alexis Janson
Company Software Visions
Release Date 1993
Genre Action/Puzzle
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Labrynth of Zeux is a DOS game released in 1993 by Alexis Janson under Software Visions. It is the first game in the Zeux series and the spiritual predecessor to MegaZeux.

Like MZX itself, Labrynth of Zeux was originally released as shareware. The full version was released for free in 2003, five years after chapters three through five of the series became freeware.


The playable character, Vince M. Louis, is a famous theologist who has uncovered and studied every mystical and religious item ever mentioned in legend, except one - the magical Silver Staff of Zeux. Going on rumors and legends alone, Vince enters the mystical Labrynth of Zeux in search of the artifact.


The Task is to collect Keys, Treasures (worth points), and Bombs (your only weapon), all while solving puzzles and avoiding enemies and traps, and all to reach the legendary Silver Staff


  • Csonicgo once attempted to port Labrynth to MegaZeux, but the project was scrapped before completion.
  • SmilyMZX's version was also scrapped due to cancellation, and a HDD Crash on his computer in 2009.
  • Lachesis released a fully-functional port in 2011; a final release with better compatibility and more options was released in 2013.