Winter 2010 Dualstream Day of Zeux

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Winter 2010 Day of Zeux
Host Kurushimi
Judges asgromo, wildweasel, Pyro1588
(unused: astral, Kuddy)
Date January 2-3, 2010
Topic(s) Isolation (abstract)

Alien Invaders (concrete)

Scoresheet Theme-independent
Preceeded by Summer 2009 Day of Zeux
Followed by Summer 2010 Day of Zeux

The Winter 2010 Dualstream Day of Zeux was hosted by Kuddy and started on Saturday, January 2nd, 2010, 5PM GMT (ending the same time the next day). The topics were "Isolation" and "Alien Invaders". The judges were astral, wildweasel, pyro1588, asgromo, and Kuddy himself (following the precident established last time). Buildup for this DoZ was fairly low-key, but consistent, and was bolstered by last minute signups as usual. Continuing the previous trend, the majority of the submissions were considered to be above average quality, and some of the top entries were quite impressive. Another continuing trend, most submissions were solo efforts, with one of the two team entries placing second and the other being disqualified. Finally, this DoZ saw a large number of games focused on technically impressive engine development, which astral specifically remarked that he found irksome. For example, Lancer-X submitted a game that ran in a very impressive visual novel interface; GreaseMonkey built a raycaster for his game that was actually considered fairly successful despite its low resolution; Lachesis wrote a Danmaku-like pixel-precise shooter; and logicow made a last minute return to submit a very pretty half-char sidescroller.

The previously established guidelines on judging quality and timeliness were also put to the test in this DoZ, when Kuddy submitted his scores at the end of the judging week without comments, and astral's comments failed to meet the 300 word-per-game average. After strong complaints from Wervyn, both scores were retracted. Despite the final scores being the result of only three combined judges, Wervyn insists that this is exactly what he had in mind when he proposed the system.


The rankings and total scores of each game in this DoZ are as follows:

  • 1st Place - Entry 30641 - Alien Invaders/Lite - Celestial Altar - by ク・リトル・リトル (Lancer-X) (Score: 1063/1200)
  • 2nd Place - Entry 60441 - Isolation/Lite - Forsaken Daylight - Team Betamax (CJA, GreaseMonkey, asiekierka) (Score: 937/1200)
  • 3rd Place - Entry 70273 - Alien Invaders/Lite - Antares - Fight For Ya' Life (Maxim) (Score: 795/1200)
  • 4th Place - Entry 34477 - Alien Invaders/Lite - Duck Rescue - logicow (Score: 788/1200)
  • 5th Place - Entry 47527 - Isolation/Heavy - Abandoned - Oh god, dragons (Kom) (Score: 775/1200)
  • 6th Place - Entry 66482 - Alien Invaders/Lite - THOSE ALIEN INVADER! - MEDIUM RARE WARE (Lachesis) (Score: 766/1200)
  • 7th Place - Entry 36306 - Isolation/Heavy - Voluntary Solitude - Vortex Productions (RyanThunder) (Score: 722/1200)
  • 8th Place - Entry 49781 - Alien Invaders/Lite - TurnCoat - The Moanatoans (ThdPro) (Score: 643/1200)
  • 9th Place - Entry 18030 - Isolation/Heavy - Prison Escape - Knights of Danika (Goshi) (Score: 587/1200)
  • 10th Place - Entry 13210 - Alien Invaders/Lite - ALIENS ON AN ELEVATOR - The Bee's Knees (Captain Failmore) (Score: 563/1200)
  • 11th Place - Entry 79530 - Isolation/Heavy - For Liberty - For Liberty (Spike) (Score: 514/1200)
  • 12th Place - Entry 11617 - Isolation/Heavy - Isolation Puzzle Platformer - Last Place Or Bust (mzxrules) (Score: 184/1200)
  • DQed Place - Entry 62239 - Alien Invaders/Lite - Untitled - The Onion Paradigm (Malwyn, Risu2112, Wervyn) (Score: 541/1200)
  • DQed Place - Entry 72165 - Alien Invaders/Lite - Untitled - Wacky Ironic Name Mocking Wacky Ironic Names (Seventh Shade) (Score: 373/1200)

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