Winter 2011 Dualstream Day of Zeux

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Winter 2011 Day of Zeux
Host Insidious
Judges Wervyn, Logicow, KKairos, Terryn
Date January 7-8, 2011
Topic(s) Violence (abstract)

Espionage (concrete)

Scoresheet Theme-independent
Preceeded by Summer 2010 Day of Zeux
Followed by Summer 2011 Day of Zeux

The 2011 Winter DsDOZ was held by Insidious on January 7, starting at 12pm EST. This DOZ had, with only 6 entries, the lowest submission since the very first DOZ in 1998. The DoZ drama was notably minor this time around; the host failed to show up until after the grace period and Risu2112 challenged the Theme score Baby Bonnie Hood's entry received. Lancer-X created a submission thread in Insidious's absence and posting to the DoZ thread has become a regular option for submission since.


Judging Sheets