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Note: This page used to be a redirect to CJA's userpage. It's best to keep those seperated.

The Basics

CJA is a MegaZeuxer known for being quite prolific in his gamemaking. He is one of the principal members of the programming group POOP ROAD >:( and helps with the running of their eponymous IRC channel on Espernet. He is one of the major players in the creation of the BAND! Series of MegaZeux games.

His games range from being shorter mini-games to longer, more drawn-out projects.

CJA's Games

  • ASCII Puzzle Game
  • BAND! 1 - BAN DMZX (with ShloobeR)
  • BAND! 2 - PREMIERE (with Guy)
  • BAND! 3 (with Guy)
  • Catch
  • Failure Pack
  • Flantasia 3 (Incomplete and Demo Versions)
  • Flantasia 4 (Incomplete and Demo Versions)
  • Flantasia Saga
  • Ionic
  • Katamari Damacy Clone Demo
  • Math with Big Numbers
  • mIRC Art Generator
  • Save New Year's! (with Nahah and micah)
  • SuperZZT Emulator
  • Surround Demo
  • Thingiy
  • Trig Circles Demo
  • Tuxedo Ted (v1.2)
  • ZOMGame

For more information about CJA and an autobiography, see CJA's user page.

Community Comments

"CJA is a ridiculously prolific MZXer." -- KKairos 23:32, 13 January 2010 (UTC)