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picture gallery  

Welcome to the ZZT/MZXers Picture Gallery. Here you can find all photographs of ZZTers and MZXers (locally stored, so no broken links), that we could find. If you happen to have a picture of someone who isn't here yet, or one of yourself, then please send it (or the URL) to s_pieterse@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance!

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+ Tecki
It's the young MACHO from Spain!

Looking like a cross between a cylist and SWAT team member.
Attacking the camera. Or something.
UNGHHHH, fear my helmet!

+ Teferi
Small picture, taken from his LiveJournal.
Another small picture.
His hair is a bit longer than usual.
A happy Teferi (mid 2002).

+ Terryn
A blurry, yet pretty nifty pic.
Picture from March 2002.
Looking like Ozzy Osbourne.

+ The Coolness
The Coolness (right) having a mock fight with Jeshul (left).
The Coolness (right) being punched in the nose by Jeshul (right).

+ The End
Sleeping on the couch...

+ thp (Threep2742)
Just a small picture.
Scaaary green eyes!
Agent thp, doing a face-scan!
Did thp go to the prom with her?
Or was it her?
Oh yeah, it was her. :P
thp (left) and ZhayTee (right) gaming in the basement.
In his Final Fantasy 7 Halloween outfit (2002).
thp (left) and ZhayTee (right) in their Halloween outfits (2002).
thp (right) and ZhayTee (left) giving the camera their special look.
There's a girl laying on top of him.
Together with a girl.
thp is taaaaall..

+ Thundercloud
Fear me and my collector cards. ...I mean, really!
TC is of them merry chaps, alright!
Random small picture.

+ Thunderdog
Wannabe ninja at work.

+ Tim Sweeney
The good ol' Epic dude. He's at the right.
A weird picture of the one who started it all.

+ Tixus
Afro Bubba.

+ Tommy
With the other Finnish gangsters.
Tommy (left) with Jauhis and Henok.
Tommy (right) pointing at Jauhis, who's wearing a moustache.

+ Tseng
Tseng in the middle of four chicks on his prom night.
The Ethereal Minister of Funk.
Mike, standing outside.
Mike, again with two chicks on a prom night. :D
Yankees Mike, being happy with another cute girl.
Once again, with two cool girls.

+ tucan
The p0p guy, dressed up in a suit.
It's Stinky the Sock-munching Ocelot! :P

Bleached hair and a funky hat.

Bleached hair, part two.
Asian gangster lookin' nasty.

+ Tyrant
Face-scan number two, showing his teeth. :P
Being all bad-ass.





+ Zamros
Uhh, yeah.
Giving the finger to the camera.
Showing the inside of his mouth. ;P
Hello Kitty gangster!
His learner permit.
Heehee, I'm zamros.
I want a carrot.
All commie and bad-ass, wearing a leather jacket.
Tie master in the bathroom.
Celebrity mugshot. Uhh. :P
Out on the streets.
Bathroom Kimono adventures 1: Zamros sees a mirror.
Night-time ninja.
Hiding behind the curtain!

+ Zaphod (Lifesummer, GODEDRP)
It's just past 4 PM -- it's a clue!
Lifesummer? More like Lifemullet!

+ Zed
Small picture.
A small picture of bearded Zed.
Et voila, it's non-bearded Zed. :P
Bearded Zed (2002).
I think Zed should join System of a Down. :P
Hurray, it's the Undergraduate Acceptance Packet!
Quite a goatee, eh?
Sitting in a car.
Walking down the pavement.

+ Zenryoku
Sitting in front of his computer.

+ Zero
A really dark picture.

+ Zeuxy
The macho.
The wealthy upperclass man.
The sportsman.

+ ZhayTee (ScarJT)
The name's JT, Scar JT!
It's Joseph Toscano, and he's baaack.
The Zhay.Cam - JT's on the right.
Taking a picture of himself using the mirror.
With a muffin in his hand.
ZhayTee (right) and thp (left) gaming in the basement.
Small picture..
Halloween outfit, 2002.
Halloween outfit part two, 2002.
thp (left) and ZhayTee (right) in their Halloween outfits (2002).
Shorter haircut.
Spending an evening with some of his female friends.
Spending an evening with some of his female friends, part DEUX.
...Marry me? Please? *puppy eyes*
Oohlala, monsieur.

+ Zixyer
Staring into the nothingness.
Looking scary.
Small picture from January 2001.
Small greenish pic from January 2001.

+ Zman
In some lame suit

+ ZorkBoy
Just a picture, not much to say about it.
Birthday! ZorkBoy is the one left from the girl.
Smiling in front of a window.
With his new LiveJournal t-shirt (April 2003).
...I salute you! (see also: Kevin Vance)

+ zzblue (feldspar)
A very small picture - zzblue is the one in the front.
Howdyho. `v^
Playing the guitar in this moody (yes, moody!) picture.
He's a rock star, baby.
A rock star with fake glasses, even.
Standing on a tree trunk.
Looking rather odd and confused.
Taking a picture of himself.
Even scaring himself, now.
New haircut (January 2003).

+ ZZco
A somewhat outdated picture of ZZco and his dog.
Chilling on his highly decorative bed. :D