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Welcome to the ZZT/MZXers Picture Gallery. Here you can find all photographs of ZZTers and MZXers (locally stored, so no broken links), that we could find. If you happen to have a picture of someone who isn't here yet, or one of yourself, then please send it (or the URL) to s_pieterse@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance!

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+ Jacob Hammond (aetsch)
Ooooh, it's coming from above...
A small picture of Jacob.
A picture taken early in the morning.
A picture taken outside.
At the frat house.
Jacob (right) and GreyFox (left).
Jacob wearing sunglasses.
A small, yellow-ish picture from his LiveJournal.
Early morning (March 2002).

+ Jaeho (jae10)
"Are my teeth that yellow, or is that the sun?"
Jaeho (left) and Insane Moose being silly.
Jaeho (left) and Insane Moose being silly, part deux.
Jaeho (right) and Moose at QuakeCon.
Staaaaaare...at... monitors...
Naughty boy!
Jaeho (left) with Mooseka (right) in some hallway.
They're flying!
Jaeho shouting it out, while Mooseka plays the guitar.
Mouths wide open (together with Mooseka).
Together with Mooseka, wearing a birthday fireman hat.
The fireman hat again, along with a plastic Thomas the Tank Engine cup.
Asian 2daMAX.
Funky hair.
The clarinets of doom. Jaeho is on the left.

+ Jauhis
With the other Finnish gangsters.
Jauhis (middle) with Tommy and Henok.
Jauhis (left) with Marcus (middle) and Henok (right).
Jauhis (left) wearing a moustache, while Tommy points at him.

+ Jeff Conroy
An outdated picture
Jeff with a camera in his hands
A pic of Jeff smiling (or smirking :D).
Mr. camera man, how are you?
Don't be dissin' with me!
Fishy... fishy... fishy...
Vagueness to da bone.
Check out his funky new haircut (picture from April 2000).

+ Jemery LaMar
A pretty vague picture
I wanna be a hippy!
A recent picture of the artist/dracophile.

+ Jhen
A small, blurry picture.

+ Jeshul
Jeshul (left) having a mock fight with The Coolness (right).
Jeshul (left) punching The Coolness' nose (right).
It's YOU I'm talking about, boy.

+ jimbob (ZZTWizard)
jimbob and his guitar.
Liquid Chicken, baby!

Facial shot.
Smiling. Now why would that be? ;P
Together with some girl.
Dressed like a pimp.

+ Jojoisjo
It's the dark musican Jojo who is Jo.

+ Jubal Scharold
It's Nick Brick Jubal Scharold!

+ JZig
A small picture.


+ Lacan (Guyver)
A black/white pic.
Standing, smiling. =)
On the phone, waving to the camera.
Kungfu-mastah at work in the hall after an anime convention.
Kungfu-mastah doing a skillful jump.
Moody and cool pic of the Kungfu-mastah. :D
Mad Hatter's hat, pic taken in Disney Land (Florida).
Lacan (right) in full action fighting for his black belt.
Bandana boi with his girlfriend.
Together with Sifu, after getting his black belt (june 2003).
Fuck you, I'm just cruisin'. AIGHT.

+ Leamas
On the phone.
Looking goofy with a Danish girl.
Standing outside (Leamas is on the right).
Looking into the camera.
In his pimp suit for Halloween (2002). :P
With blue streaks in his hair.
Enjoying the back seat of the car.
In Proctor Park, while it's snowing.
Metal cougar madness!
A rather yummy house! Leamas is the one on the right.
Leamas (right) with his friend eating at Denny's.
Naughty grin!
Having fun with a female friend! (early 2003)

+ Leonard Richardson
Return of the Crummy.
Showing the back of The Necronomicon.
In the snowy mountains.
Thoughtfully reading a book.

+ ler
Leaning against a fence near some waterfall.
Bob Ross ain't dead.
Newsflash: ler biggest hero in MZX history.
Nooooooo-oooo, where did all the hair go?! :(

+ LogiCow
Being scary in a bathrobe.

+ LonesomeDwarf
Sitting and chilling.
I <3 life.
Giving his opinion on the new year (2002).
Actor Dwarf apparently being 'happy'.

+ Lord Igsel
Hmm, Igsel's digital camera is kinda screwed, I believe.
Rraaa, fear me!
In London - Lord Igsel is the one on the far right. The other guys are Bocco (middle) and FishFood (far left).
Igsel (right) looking like a scary rabbit. Fishfood is to the left.

+ Lord of Chaos
Elvis (outdated pic).
Yes, it is the one and only Lord of Cherry Pie.
At a LAN party, looking semi-disturbing (June 2002).

+ Lord_Ratio
Lord_Ratio is the one with the green circle around his head. Yellow = Fruitcake, Red = Quemos.

+ Lost One
His glasses almost covered with hair.

+ Luke Drelick (SEGA, Butz)
Luke (right) nicely dressed up with his girlfriend and two others.
Booya! ..-kasha.
Yay, he obtained Xenosaga!
Behind the wheels of steel. :D
Throw yo HAAAANDS in the air! (like you just don't care)
Like (left) with some friends at the TiŽsto rave.
Luke (left) with his friend Nash (Dan Patalano).
Hentai inside (beware).

+ MadBrain
I bet that smile was 100% fake.

+ Madeku (Venom, Flatcoat Lab)
This is an old picture from 1997.
Playing the guitar.
Grooving to the Pumpkins.
A pic taken with his webcam. Neato lil' moustache. :D
Pic from January 2001.
Also, a pic from early 2001 of Venom with a moustache and glasses.
Haircut, February 2001.
Goatee without moustache, number 1.
Goatee without moustache, number 2.
Staring down on you (January 2003).
Bandana hippie!
See this? It's a fork! You can make LOVE to it.
Trying to seduce you with his puppy stare.
Getting naked. ...Well, almost. :P
Carrying a girl with a friend of his.
Madeku (left) with his friend Josh.
A content smile.
Hippie with glasses.
Seducing the mirror.
...and even willing to un-button his shirt!

+ Madguy
A blurry picture from June 29, 2000.

+ MadTom
Playing the guitar.
With his funky saxophone.
Peace, dude.
I say peace. From abooove.
Staring into the camera.
Reading a book.
Sitting at his desk (diggin' your hair, man!).
Playing the guitar again.
Looking all moody while using a laptop.

+ Marcus
A somewhat blurry picture.
Finnish to the bone!
With the other Finnish gangsters.
Being all "GWAAAREHH".
Staring at the screen.
Staring at the screen 2.
Laughing at the screen. Yes.
Marcus (middle) with Jauhis (left) and Henok (right).
Showing his teeth.
Black-and-white pic of Marcus laughing.

+ MattW (Matt Williams)
Small picture of our ol' friend Matt, dating from 2001.
Strange small picture from somewhere in 2002.
Another small picture from 2002.
In a skydiving outfit.
Matt (left) with his brother.
I will not be academically dishonest.
With his girl Emzi (back in high school).
Matt (middle) and his friends being wannabe GANGSTAZ.
Matt and a friend making an odd face.
Rubber boats, they're good for everything!
Enjoying himself with two friends.
Wohh, he's starting to actually be bad-ass now!
Doing a funky dance with two college girls.

+ mb (Mike Evans)
A well-done sketch of him.
Small and unclear picture.

+ Micah Lee
A pic of Micah, the MZXer, that has been edited a little.

+ Mike Sartin
Oh no! Another pic from the AD page!

+ Mini_Maul
Wearing a hat.
A small picture.

+ Misteroo
Halloween, baby. He has his hair dyed blue, wears a cape and his armed with a wooden spoon.
A 2004 picture of 'Roo with glasses and longer hair.

+ Moe
Moe, true to form, jumps like a madman.

+ mole
Outside his school, dressed up in school uniform. mole's on the far right (bottom row).

+ Mongo
It's old Ratanak.
Ride with me!
All dandy, during high school graduation.
Mongo (right) with his siblings (aka your-sister-is-hot :P).

+ mono
A reincarnation of Elvis.
Brandon Bowers, our ace reporter. =D
A dark picture of mono.
The reporter at work.
Calvin Klein - Genes. A scary pic.
mono using the camera to take a pic of himself.
Lifting an eyebrow and wearing sunglasses.
mono with a cap.
Nice way of taking a pic of yourself.
A funky picture of mono in a car.
In the woods.
mono in the darkness. Or something. =)
Imo, a well-shot picture of mono glancing.
Chilling out.
Together with his girlfriend Amanda.
Marriage! Cut the cake! :D
A disturbing face. :P
Mono (right) with some of his friends.
Being all tired after a long night of chatting.
New haircut (summer 2003).
Hi! Or something.
A random picture of mono smiling (2004).

+ Moonpie
A blurry pic of Moonpie's head.
A blurry pic of Moonpie's head part 2.
Skating, next to his house.
Holding a bag of ...something in front of his head.
Together with his cat. Awww!
A pic of his hand, holding a bottle of Heinz 'NOT GREEN'.
Playing the guitar.
Taking a nap together with his cat. Aww.
Outside in the snow. I'll call it DAMNED K-RAZY.
Moonpie and his inanimate homies!
60's pimp-stylin'.

+ Mooseka (Insane Moose)
It's the Moose, with looong hair.
Moose (right) and Qwil man (left) being happy together.
Moose (right) in a dark and moody picture!
Moose (right) and Jaeho being silly.
Moose (right) and Jaeho being silly, part deux.
Moose (left) and Jaeho at QuakeCon.
Staaaaaare...at... monitors...
Jaeho (left) with Mooseka (right) in some hallway.
They're flying!
"Fuck you, I'm naked. And angry."
"...but now I'm not! Still naked, though."
His hair is dry again.
Mooseka playing the guitar, while Jaeho shouts it out
Mouths wide open (together with Jaeho).
Together with Jaeho, who was celebrating his birthday.
A highly disturbing picture of Moose touching his nipple.
Are you stalking me? 'Cause that would be super.

+ mordac
It's zeek/mordac/rygar/braneded looking funny!
Looking rather "problematic".

+ MZXGiant
Big smile.
You won't remember ANYthing.