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MegaZeux is a game creation system originally released in 1994 and still being developed today. At DigitalMZX you'll find an enormous collection of MegaZeux games and a forum inhabited by friendly MegaZeux veterans. In-depth community info can be found in the MZX Wiki.

Looking to get started?

Get MegaZeux by visiting the MegaZeux downloads page, then grab a game from the archive! If you're looking for a quick MegaZeux reference, check out the online MegaZeux help file. If you think you've found an MZX bug or would like to request a new feature, visit the tracker and file an issue.

Want to talk about MegaZeux?

A good place to start is the forums, but there's another location on Discord. Click here to join the MZX Discord server (a desktop client is also available at Discord's website).

Top Downloaded Games
Name Author Released Rating Downloads
Ruin Diver IIIKKairos 2011-05-30 3057
&Dr Lancer-X 2011-12-06 2232
Zeux 2: Caverns of Zeuxtromdage 1994-12-04 1759
Bernard the BardOtto Germain 1998-09-02 1537
Zeux 1: Labyrinth of ZeuxLachesis 2011-08-12 1435
Depot DungeonsOtto Germain 2015-01-23 1259
redDr Lancer-X 2013-08-26 1105
Zeux 3: Chronos Stasistromdage 1995-03-11 932
Zeux 4: Forest of Ruintromdage 1995-03-11 897
Zeux 5: Catacombs of Zeuxtromdage 1995-03-11 880
Demon EarthNytar 2003-04-26 869
Forresterinmate2993 2005-06-09 848
Commander Keen: Heroes LostThDPro 2012-12-29 792
Eternal Eclipse TaoyarinDr Lancer-X 2008-01-28 723
ForgottenLachesis 2012-12-31 699