Download MegaZeux 2.93 + Caverns of Zeux...

MegaZeux is also available on several external repositories. See the platform support page for more info.
Download Notes

MegaZeux builds are currently available for Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu and Debian Linux, Rasbian, and several different consoles. Click an icon above to download the MegaZeux build corresponding to that platform. The newest MegaZeux version available for a given platform is noted beneath its icon.

Older versions are available in the MegaZeux releases list or on the MegaZeux GitHub releases page.

Caverns of Zeux

Windows and console releases are packaged with Caverns of Zeux. Other platforms do not currently package Caverns of Zeux.


The official Windows x64 and x86 builds—including those downloaded when using the built-in updater—work in Windows XP and later. Builds targeting older Windows platforms are still supported and can be produced on request (though any features relying on SDL 2 won't work).

Mac OS

The Mac OS "Universal" DMG currently supports all Intel Macs, including the early Core Duo and Core 2 Duo models that rely on x86 support. x86 support may have to be dropped from this build at some point and combined into the PowerPC builds. Updates to the PowerPC builds are currently halted pending hardware availability and/or willing testers. Like Windows 9x builds, the PowerPC Mac builds need to use SDL 1.2 instead of SDL 2.


The Linux builds provided here typically target stable and/or LTS releases of their respective platforms. Alternative Ubuntu and Debian builds are available in this thread. Outdated MegaZeux versions do not generally receive updated Ubuntu/Debian builds. MegaZeux is also tested in and works in OpenBSD and FreeBSD.


The last release available for DOS is 2.70, which was released over 15 years ago. The link on this page is provided primarily for the curious. Many features have been added to MegaZeux since then, and somewhere between a third and a half of the games available for MegaZeux will not play at all in this version (this includes a large number of very high quality games). Modern MegaZeux releases are generally very stable; have very good support for older MegaZeux games; do not have the UI corruption caused by custom palettes and character sets that DOS versions have; support SMZX modes at all, unlike DOSBox and many real video cards; and run more efficiently and have more responsive audio and input than DOS MZX in DOSBox.