Mod collections, original tracks, music packs, and game soundtracks. Music here is NOT free-to-use in your own games unless stated otherwise.

Name Author Released Rating DLs 
Ages???? No reviews.81
Anarchist Creations v4 SoundtrackKuddy  No reviews.90
Beatles MODs (Various)???? No reviews.78
Beatles MODs 2 (Various)???? No reviews.61
Cans 4 Musicinmate2993 1999-03-26 132
Chaos's Old MOD Pack 1 CHAOS 256 Colors2018-03-28No reviews.47
Chaossage V - Anita and Shally's Theme (ver. ????)Chaos88 2015-12-29No reviews.46
CJA's Old Mod CollectionVarious People  207
Critical Motion Mod 4???? No reviews.65
CV_HEADBANGER (Caverns Music Replacement)iamgreaser   157
CV_MAGIC 26th Anniversary EditionScarmiglione Malebolge 2020-05-06No reviews.55
CV_MAGIC.MOD Redux - 20th Anniversary EditionScarmiglione Malebolge 2015-00-00No reviews.89
Devil's Crystal, The????  118
Dumb Fun MessLEDR TWITSHED   64
Foamballs Christmas Songs '99 Shareware Version CHAOS 256 Colors2018-04-01No reviews.29
G. CoolZell_1388   71
Heart's EaseScarmiglione Malebolge 2012-12-08No reviews.65
Honor Quest SE SoundtrackLegendd / Mallo / myth1997-12-09No reviews.83
In Mod We Trust...LEDR TWITSHED  No reviews.79
Insanifest OSTinmate2993 2000-10-11No reviews.85
Last Horizon Battle Music Series, TheMaRSHMaLLo/inmate29932000-02-25No reviews.66
Mod3???? No reviews.69
Monthigos Music CollectionMonthigos 2005-01-07 135
Near Dark???? No reviews.62
Prelude to LonelinessDNBishop1997-09-15 38
rb2???? No reviews.68
Ryan Thunder Original SoundtrackRyanThunder 2011-12-24No reviews.82
Sacred AngelsCastlevania  No reviews.70
Shaq Hut 2 - Caves ThemeEvil Genius 2020-12-22No reviews.18
Slipping in MudLEDR TWITSHED  No reviews.57
Song #14???? No reviews.65
Thiefgame Music DemoKuddy  No reviews.67
Titleness-SPKSaxxonPike  No reviews.79
WreckageCastlevania  No reviews.64