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A Community X-Mas
Author:Leamas, Hercules
ZIP size:120k
Real size:420k (2 ZZT files)

Oh, what a wonderful place this will be. A place to relax, and have fun without the stressful lives that were left behind. Wouldn't it be nice to be free just for a while? This perfect place, up in the moutains of Laurentien made this wish a blessing, and with the free plane tickets, who is to complain? This will be the first community Christmas that will never be forgotten... A Community X-Mas is a joint-project between Leamas and Hercules and is probably the biggest Christmas ZZT release ever, full of suspense, humor and adventure!

Nonsense 2
System:MegaZeux (requires v2.51s3.1)
ZIP size:449k
Real size:879k

One day, Geeb finds out that his plant can talk. This plant calls himself Ed, and Geeb hopes to make lots of money from him. However, Ed has his own plans, but gets struck in a pipe full of toxic waste. In a desperate attempt to save his plant, Geeb blows up the pipe... alas, along with the power plant and Ed. Geeb now has to defend his innocence in front of the police... a hiliarious adventure starts here. Nonsense 2 is a long game full of humor and adventure.

ZIP size:24k
Real size:107k

The human race seemed to live peaceful, until the animals started going insane, for some odd reason. Only the most treacherous places on Earth were left for the humans. You are a military project gone wrong... get out of lab and get ready for action! Trapper is short, fast-paced action game.

ZIP size:16k
Real size:52k

A really short arcade space-shooter based on a small engine. It's only one board, but it's quite playable and fun to try and beat.

Final Fantasy Disc One
Author:Chase Bramlage
ZIP size:87k
Real size:343k

You are the son of Lapant McDohl, a knightt in the service of the king. You were trained to follow him in his footsteps. Stonegate, home of the king, is currently engaged in acquiring the four elemental crystals. These crusades require many men, but the king promises a new era of order and peace once these are in his possession. Stonegate is also where your journey starts. Final Fantasy is a really lush and vast RPG, which is definitely worth playing! Hopefully we will see disc two in the future.

Rebirth, the Uprising
ZIP size:96k
Real size:433k (2 ZZT files)

One year before the Rebirth ceremony, held every 2000 years and replaces the old gods with their more vital offsring. This is a time of nervousness and possible conflict, because for this one year, the old Gods have lost their immortality while the new ones are yet to gain it. For one year, Gods are mortal, as is Magic. Rasonik, a master scientist and leader of a group of scientists called 'The Order of the Machine', sets out to destroy magic and by that, bring technology into focus and make himself King. However, Taris, a young man from the Order of the Machine, feels that the union of Magic and Technology into one force would help the world more and so heads out to stop Rasonik. Taris isn't the only person who the story revolves around, though. Tarogyn and his group of Thieves. Devon, Taris's best friend and member of Rasonik's army. Sato, future God of Light. Issa, master boatswoman. All 5 of these people play an independant role in the game of Rebirth while aiding the outcome of the others. Rebirth is a long and very interesting RPG, with some very crafty programming and music. A shame about the bugs; hopefully Jojoisjo will still release a bug-fix in the future.

Zombie Quest
System:MegaZeux (requires v2.69b)
Authors:Jester, Jauhis
ZIP size:416k (game file), 1.75m (music file)
Real size:3.63m

Zombie Quest is medium-length comedy adventure. It involves a man not getting a last drink in the Pena bar, him taking his revenge, getting hit by car and falling into the sewer, which causes him to transform into a zombie. The Zombie's journey starts in a junkyard filled with drunken low-lives. The game includes some nice music, lush graphics and animations and some nifty engines. Definitely worth the download!

System:MegaZeux (requires v2.69c)
Authors:Marcus, Jester, Jauhis
ZIP size:797k
Real size:1.39m

Idiopolis is a happy little game about a guy named Reuban, who receives word from a friend in his hometown, Idiopolis. This all leads to a wacky bit of adventurin' in this fixed up version of the Day of Zeux winning entry by the Finnards of IF.

Call of Caethrath
System:MegaZeux (requires v2.69b)
ZIP size:533k (game file), 961k (music file 1), 722k (music file 2)
Real size:4.30m

A lone wanderer is looking for the land of Caethrath. When he finally gets there and enjoys a view a cliff, he gets shot from behind and falls down. This is the start of a long and action-packed adventure! "Call of Caethrath" is Jauhis' longest game ever and is filled with lushly coloured forests, caves and towns.

Author:Robert Pragt
ZIP size:82k
Real size:326k (2 ZZT files)

The first game in a series of games with a somewhat linear plot, involving the worlds of Sabotage and Sabotagi. This game is situated entirely in the first world, and remains rather abstract on the relation between Sabotage and Sabotagi. Does this boggle your mind? Then what are you waiting for? Also includes the small game with the long name "Captain Glaxonsmithkline! in: Escape from Socialism - Shaking That Milky Feeling", which is a bonus. And you know you love bonuses.

Nonsense 3 Demo
System:MegaZeux (requires v2.81)
ZIP size:3.04m
Real size:3.66m

(game description to be inserted)

Cult of Milo
Author:Robert Pragt
ZIP size:25k
Real size:91k

The year is 2034 and the world is at war. Power is divided between three fractions, with rogue states scattered all over the planet. Bombings and attacks on the capitol have turned the attention of the US to an organisation called Project of Global Decentralisation, commonly referred to as Cult of Milo. This cult is founded by Milo DeBrun, a former drug cartel kingpin from the Balkan, turned armed charismatic. The game is set a month after the Agency made an attempt to take Milo's life and one of the agents involved in this attempt is still missing. You assume the role of an AWOL agent who receives word from the missing agent's wife... A short 24HoZ-like game, made with the 24 hours spread over multiple days. Save often, you may die!