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Join date 2002
Interests Multi-Media Arts
MZX games Jet Pack Man, Jet Pack Man 2 Virtris, National Hockey League, Super Mario for MegaZeux, Tardnation, Dragon Warrior, MZX World, Final Fantasy Aurora, Plumber, A Hero's Utopia
Companies T-Bone Productions

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T-Bone, has been using MegaZeux since 1998 and became an active member in the DigitalMZX community in 2002. T-Bone was first introduced to MegaZeux through the ZZT community. ZZT of which he started using in 1995 creating dozens of unreleased games. With the exception of few that did get eventually shared to the community on Z2.org.

T-Bone started off testing around with making countless prototype game projects. Most noteable, Super Mario for MegaZeux and The Legend of Zelda: The Inquest. He continues to work on these Unfinished T-Bone Games and is hopeful that they will one day see a release as he continues to post updates to them throughout the years on his journal on digitalmzx.


T-Bone works as multi-media artist and radio technician.

Released MZX Games

Released MZX Engines

  • Amazing Multi-Player Split-Screen

Released MZX Demos

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