Super Mario for MegaZeux

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Super Mario for MegaZeux Demo
Sm4mzx gameplay.png
Author T-Bone
Company T-Bone Productions
Release Date 2006
Genre Side-scrolling
Download DMZX Archive

Super Mario for MegaZeux ( commonly abbreviated as SM4MZX) is a fan-made demo, developed in 1999 by T-Bone as an attempt to recreate the Nintendo Super Mario series onto the MegaZeux platform. Later on, T-Bone attempted to recreate aspects of the Super Nintendo Super Mario series and incorporate them into Super Mario for MegaZeux. This project was steered by the fact that T-Bone was an avid fan of the Super Mario Bros. series.

In-game Screenshot


Like most Super Mario games; Mario must save the mushroom kingdom.


Super Mario for MegaZeux features over 100 enemies from the popular Super Mario series, spanning from a wide range of Super Mario games from various platforms; Some of which have never been seen together in the stage as one another.


  • Super Mario for MegaZeux does not use SMZX Mode graphics.


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