Jet Pack Man

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Jet Pack Man
Author T-Bone
Company T-Bone Productions
Release Date 2005
Genre Platform
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Jet Pack Man is a MegaZeux side-scrolling game created by T-Bone in 1999. The game is influenced by the PC game "Jetpack" produced by Software Creations in 1993. You move by foot or by flying around on your jetpack which requires fuel that eventually will deplete through out its use. You can regain fuel by collecting fuel drums through-out some levels.

The player will encounter various different kinds of enemies and obstacles throughout the game. Each enemy has its own unique way of catching you. Some fly, some can climb ladders and some bounce around making it harder for you to pass by.

There are over 40 stages to venture through, including a few secret stages.

Jet Pack Man is the first full version MegaZeux game T-Bone has ever made.