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DigitalMZX is home to the largest available archive of MegaZeux games and the only known active MegaZeux message board. Starting as a minor community page in 1999, with the death of mWorld it became the main hub of the MegaZeux community, with only Zeuxworld (and possibly the Anti-Archive on the archive front) coming close to matching its scope.


Until late 2002, DigitalMZX was a fully-realized webpage but a hosting snafu caused all of the page information to vanish. It was first known as "The Untitled MegaZeux Page" from its birth in 1999 to 2000 and ran by joshdw1 and Maverick. At first, it was a minor community page, but with the all-but-certain death of mWorld in late 2000 it quickly became the MegaZeux community hub.

The adminship of DMZX first consisted of Mz_Weird (more well known now as Tixus), Sei Mamoruno, Esdemo1, joshdw1, Maverick, Hercules, and flucknugget; most had been members of the freshly-killed Square of MegaZeux. Many of the admins were replaced or have outright left the community. As the years have passed, several admins have moved on and have been gradually replaced.

In November of 2007, thanks to problems with lack of hosting space and nagging from Maverick (who maintained the server), DMZX migrated to inMotion hosting and took a more collective approach to hosting payments. (Previously josh and mav had been managing all hosting costs, even though they had very little to do with the site anymore). This move brought with it a wealth of available storage space and bandwidth, and reignited a drive to develop infrastructure and services for the site. After expressing great interest in developing the site and starting several projects to that end, MZXGiant was brought on as a site admin and PHP developer in December.

After being brought on, MZXGiant recruited astral and has solicited help from more design-inclined members such as Malwyn, KKairos and CJA to assist with CSS and graphics associated with the driving software. Since May 2010, DigitalMZX has been split into three distinct, inter-operating components; the forums, the vault, and the wiki. All three systems share a user/password database for ease of use but are run on different software packages.

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