T-Bone Productions

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T-Bone Productions
Year Formed 2000
Year Disbanded Running
Current Members T-Bone
Former Members T-Bone

T-Bone Productions (formally known as T-Bone6 Productions) is a solely run MZX and ZZT unlicensed programming Group, lead by T-Bone. The programing group consisting of just mainly T-Bone himself, though occasionally received help from his friends and brothers in its early stages. T-Bone Productions currently bares no logo and its name has been rarely used in contribution to the majority of T-Bone's released games.


T-Bone Productions attempted to compete in the Winter 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux but failed to submit it's entry on time. Winter 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux was the first ever DoZ that T-Bone Productions has competed in, although unentered.