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November 2001

Smiley Awards up
[ Posted by Hercules on Thursday, November 29, 2001, at 11:49 PM ]
After a bit of work and with the help of Hydra, the Smiley Awards are up and functioning again! It took me about an hour or 2 to get it all to work, mainly because Mousetrap (our server) has been annoyingly slow for the past few hours. Oh well.

Pictures added
[ Posted by Hercules on Thursday, November 29, 2001, at 8:22 PM ]
I added 3 new pictures to the Picture Gallery:

Diamond, jae10, Terryn.

News submitting
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, November 27, 2001, at 9:49 PM ]
I've added a CGI script that allows you to submit your own news, which can be done here. Also, this site doesn't look right in Netscape (so I've been told), even though the HTML 4.01 is completely valid. I suggest using Internet Explorer, or Opera.

Downloads, WiL and more
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, November 27, 2001, at 4:41 PM ]
First of all, I've added the Downloads section (once again major thanks go out to Hydra!).

We are saying goodbye to one of our greatest members ever, WiL, which is sad but unevitable. WiL, after all he's done in and for ZZT/IF, is leaving for college. As his final and biggest game ever, he released Pipeline 99. Grab this most excellent puzzler here! The best of luck goes out to the main man, WiL. As WiL's replacement, Leamas will probably join up soon.

On another note, I will try to add the games info pages (along with screenshots) later this week, but I can't promise anything just yet. Also, I added a bit of new info on Lynx's Invaders 2.

Pictures, IF interviews
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, November 25, 2001, at 4:41 PM ]
Big update, which cost me a couple of precious Sunday afternoon hours. :P First of all, I've added the IF interviews (core of the conversion was done by Hydra -- thanks!). The IF interviews also contain two new ones: Lynx and Zanno.

I've added tons and tons of pictures to Picture gallery -- I hadn't updated it in weeks. The result is the addition of the following pics:

Chuck, cornsalt (4), Dexter, Draco, Fishfood, Goldenhog, Inmate2993, Kracken (2), MadTom (7), mono (2), rat-, Wong Chung Bang.

ZZTMZXmail, page launch
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, November 24, 2001, at 10:00 PM ]
First of all, this page has finally been launched as the official IF homepage. The Tripod site has been updated for the last time, yesterday. We will be converting/adding stuff as time passes.

As for today's addition, I converted the ZZTMZXmail service (which took me about 2 hours) -- it now functions properly and uses the new lay-out. Go here.

You can probably expect another update tomorrow, which will have lots of new pictures, for one. Also, I have welcomed Beige to the news staff!

Picture gallery and the voices
[ Posted by Hercules on Friday, November 23, 2001, at 2:31 PM ]
More updates for you! Thanks to my cousin Hydra, who did lots of converting work, the Picture gallery and the Voices archive are up now! I will update the Picture gallery soon, since I have lots of pictures to be uploaded.

On an important note, this is going to be the main IF site as of tomorrow or so, since it's too hard to keep updating two sites (the Tripod one and this one). I will still put the latest Review Archive update on the Tripod site, along with a note that we've moved here (since the review script isn't done yet). Expect more sections to be up soon, even though I'm still helluva busy (lots of thanks go out to Hydra here, who's doing a great job helping me to convert all of the old HTML).

Various additions
[ Posted by Hercules on Monday, November 19, 2001, at 11:45 PM ]
First of all, I'd like to mention that Akwende has left IF (after he already left MZX and the MZX scene a while back) and Lynx joined up. We temporarily removed EmalkaY, due to extreme idleness (which basically means that I haven't heard from him in months). Zanno, another excellent talent, took EmalkaY's spot. I've added the member info and upcoming title info of the two new members.

This brings me to the next point -- I've added the Upcoming titles page! It's been converted by Hydra, who also converted several other pages. I still have to review these pages, add/change a few things, spice things up for needed and validate them. You can expect a few more additions this week. Thanks, Hydra!

Hopefully, Dragonlord and wizdom will be done with their scripts soon. I really want to have this site up and running soon, since I'm running out of time and now I have to keep up with two pages (IF Tripod site, and this one)... :\

Various changes
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, November 10, 2001, at 10:08 PM ]
I've spent quite some time changing the lay-out of the news items, which was quite annoying (especially with mtrap going down 2 times during the testing), but oh well. Also, I've tweaked the lay-out throughout the pages that are already up. It's starting to look quite good now, if say so myself. And one more thing, Meantee has been welcomed to the News staff.

Games page up
[ Posted by Hercules on Friday, November 9, 2001, at 4:57 PM ]
I've converted the Games page and validated/CSS-ified it. I can assure, that was a shitload of work. :P Note that the info pages aren't up yet, but you can already download the games and other products.

Buttons resized, news staff
[ Posted by Hercules on Monday, November 5, 2001, at 6:06 PM ]
First of all, Fishfood, craNKGod and epicman have joined the News staff, who will be posting news items to the ZZT/MZX news page here once it gets launched (it's already there, but it isn't being updated yet). Welcome, guys! ;D

Secondly, aetsch resized the buttons so that they look fine on 800x600. Wheefun. =)

More progress
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, November 3, 2001, at 2:53 PM ]
I've converted the IF History page to the new design. I added new CSS code for it, as well as for the Members page, too.

aetsch is going to size down the four buttons on top of the page, so that they won't screw the lay-out up in 800x600. Other than that, I hope the scripts will be done soon.