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February 2004

[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, February 28, 2004, at 9:16 PM ]
Marcus, Tommy (aka Jester) and Jauhis released a fixed up version of their DoZ-winning entry "Idiopolis" under the IF banner! Grab it here and/or read the game info. I've been meaning to add this for over a week now, but I've been rather busy, mainly with college-related things. There's more stuff to upload (screenshots, pictures, et al), which I will hopefully do soon.

Pictures: 31, links: 1, new projects
[ Posted by Hercules on Thursday, February 12, 2004, at 9:50 PM ]
Added 31 pictures to the Picture gallery: FreestylerFunk, JZig, mb, nps, Phunk (1), Phunk (2), Phunk (3), Phunk (4), Piman, Project (1), Project (2), Pyro (1), Pyro (2), Robert Pragt (1), Robert Pragt (2), Robert Pragt (3), Robert Pragt (4), Robert Pragt (5), RoSS, Ryosuke (1), Ryosuke (2), Ryosuke (3), Ryosuke (4), Scribbit, Skittlez, Skullie, The End, Thundercloud, wizdom, xf, zed.

Added 1 link to the Links section: Murdoc's Cafe.

I updated the project info of Jester (also known as Tommy). You can expect a new MegaZeux release by the Finnards of IF (Jester, Marcus and Jauhis) to be added to the site soon: a fixed re-release of their winning Day of Zeux entry "Idiopolis".

I realize there's not much significant work in progress as far as ZZT is concerned. Hopefully this will change at some point. iFantasy 12 is still 'in the works', although I haven't heard from Theta14 in a long time.