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December 2001

Happy New Year in advance!
[ Posted by Hercules on Monday, December 31, 2001, at 7:34 PM ]
We wish you a happy New Year (in advance), from The Hague, Holland. We're ready for some fireworks and fun here, so be sure to have a fun New Year's Eve, too. Later on!

News archive complete
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, December 30, 2001, at 11:43 PM ]
After a couple of nights of hard work, Hydra and I have converted the ENTIRE news archive of the Tripod IF page to the new design. :D You can read all the news ever posted on the IF page (from May 1999 - this month) in the News archive! :D

I'm also talking to wizdom and Hatrack about the review archive database, and we are going to set up a MySQL/PHP-powered database soon.

Pictures: 2, TC's new engine
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, December 29, 2001, at 3:45 PM ]
Added 2 new pictures to Picture gallery: graa, Lacan.

Also added info on Thundercloud's new battle engine for MegaZeux, which can be viewed in the Upcoming titles page.

Accompishments, forums
[ Posted by Hercules on Wednesday, December 26, 2001, at 11:11 PM ]
Hydra and I have also added the Accomplishments section.

As for the ZZT/MZX forums, you can now sign up and start posting. There was something wrong with the register settings before, that needed me to preview all member sign-ups before they could post -- it's been fixed. ;D

ZZT/MZX forums up
[ Posted by Hercules on Wednesday, December 26, 2001, at 6:03 PM ]
Hydra and I have installed an Ikonboard v3.0 message board, called ZZT/MZX forums.

aetsch will probably create a new header forum logo soon (instead of the Ikonboard logo) and you can get info on how to choose your custom avatar (user icon) in the "IF and site issues" forum.

Have fun posting!

McQueen Chronicles, Agonizer's Art
[ Posted by Hydra on Wednesday, December 26, 2001, at 1:07 PM ]
Hercules and me are still busy adding things from the old IF page to this one. We just added Agonizer's Art and the McQueen Chronicles.

Game information pages, more
[ Posted by Hercules on Wednesday, December 26, 2001, at 1:44 AM ]
Hydra and I spent all evening/night adding all the Game information pages. These include detailed information on all IF game releases, plus thumbnail screenshots (in other words: it also incorporates the old Screenshots section).

We've also added the SuperZZT File Format and Zenith's Saga. Time for some sleep now. Good night. ;D

Pictures: 4
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, December 25, 2001, at 1:15 PM ]
Added 4 picturesto the Picture gallery: Calen, Dsone, Hydra, Qwil man.

Interactive Fantasies wishes you a Merry Christmas! Hydra, my cousin and fellow IF member, is now staying at my place and we will be working on the IF page as well. Happy holidays! ;D

Pictures: 2, Smiley Awards
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, December 18, 2001, at 9:50 PM ]
Added 2 pictures to the Picture gallery: emerging_lurker, Scott Hammack.

Added the Smiley MZX Awards votes of Kamen and Boink!. Also added Kamen's Smiley ZZT Awards votes.

As far as real-life goes, I only have two more days of college to go before my winter break starts. I'm getting two wisdom teeth pulled on friday, so I won't be at college then. I'm having two weeks off, plus a coupla of days to study for an exam. I'll probably have some time to add stuff to this page, also seeing as my cousin and IF vice-president Hydra is coming over to stay at my place for a while. =)

Christmas look and more
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, December 15, 2001, at 12:59 PM ]
I've added the new Winter/Christmas logo, made by aetsch. Hey, it's tradition. :P

Added a picture of Dexter to the Picture gallery.

Some news from IF members:

+ fejjy had a harddrive crash and lost iFantasy 11. I still had an old backup, so he's working on it again. However, he needs submissions for it to be released soonish. You can submit your ZZT previews, art, reviews, etc. to fejjy.
+ coolzx had a harddrive crash, too, in which he lost all his ZZT work. He's been really busy lately, but might time to work on ZZT games again during the winter break.
+ Theta14 was another unfortunate victim of a harddrive crash, but was able to recover most of his ZZT work, except the SuperZZT Encyclopedia. Also, Theta will soon pick up work on his ZZT stuff again, seeing as his schedule is changing.

Pipeline 99 update, DW shots
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, December 8, 2001, at 4:51 PM ]
WiL, who recently left IF and release Pipeline 99 as has last ZZT product, has released an update to Pipeline 99 which also includes solves. You can grab it here.

I also added three new screenshots of Lynx's neato and promising upcoming game, Dragon Warrior. You can view them in the Upcoming titles section.

In other news, I'm going to a big rave tonight and I'm pretty excited about it. You can view the website of the rave (Qlimax) here. Enjoy your weekend! ;D

My new schedule
[ Posted by Hercules on Monday, December 3, 2001, at 9:59 PM ]
A real-life related note -- I have started a new college course today; biodiversity and pattern analysis. Well, that's just fine. What does it have to do with this site? My schedule is 9 AM - 5 PM for the next 3 weeks, and another 3 weeks after the winter break. In other words, this leaves me with little free time.

I will of course still keep this site up-to-date during the evenings and weekends, but the adding of new sections will kind of delayed. I'll try to do my best during the weekends.

I still hope to have the following sections up soon: 'Help' (worked on by aetsch), 'Links' (worked on by Hydra) and the 'Guide of ZZT/MZXers' (worked on by Dragonlord, whom I haven't seen in a while).

Leamas joins, Smiley Awards
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, December 2, 2001, at 12:13 PM ]
Leamas joined IF, taking WiL's open spot. More news on this in the news section. I added all his info (member info, upcoming titles info + screenshots, IF interview).

Also, added zenryoku's Smiley ZZT Awards votes.