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August 2003

Pictures: 35
[ Posted by Hercules on Monday, August 18, 2003, at 3:10 PM ]
Added 35 pictures to the Picture gallery: Anduin (1), Anduin (2), Blazer, Dexter (1), Dexter (2), Draco (1), Draco (2), Duhreetoh (1), Duhreetoh (2), Duhreetoh (3), Duhreetoh (4), Hercules, Jaeho and Insane Moose (1), Jaeho and Insane Moose (2), Lacan (1), Lacan (2), Lacan (3), Lacan (4), Mongo (1), Mongo (2), Mono (1), Mono (2), Ryosuke (1), Ryosuke (2), Ryosuke (3), Ryosuke (4), Ryosuke (5), Skullie (1), Skullie (2), Thundercloud, Zamros (1), Zamros (2), Zamros (3), Zamros (4).

Whew, so I finally got around to doing that. I still need to update the 24 hours of ZZT archive, but I will do so soon. Everything over here is going alright. I'm enjoying my summer break and all and still have about two weeks left (I think -- I haven't heard a word from my university yet).

Features converted from old page
[ Posted by Hercules on Thursday, August 14, 2003, at 12:12 PM ]
Hydra and I have taken the time to convert all old features and "Hercules Meets" interviews from the old IF page to this page. For history's sake, read it all here (especially the ZZT Club Part 2 feature and Tim Sweeney interview are interesting.

Also, you can expect another update with more stuff soon. I have a bunch of pictures to add, as well as some 24 hours of ZZT information for the archive. Hydra and I are also working on bringing back the profile interviews.

Keep on truckin' and enjoy your holiday.