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September 2000

FreeZerBurn in charge of Eagle Rock Interactive
Saturday 30 September 2000
FreeZerBurn, who was already a member of Eagle Rock Interactive before, decided to apply for the president spot, after DoggyShop (the ex-ERI president) quit. I (Hercules) had the right to look for a new president and I decided to hand it over to FreeZerBurn, who was indeed a member of my ZZT company Interactive Fantasies until today. FreeZerBurn looks like the perfect person to be in charge of ERI. More news on ERI will probably follow soon. This also means Interactive Fantasies has an open spot right now. If you are interested in applying, please mail me here with a sample of your work.

Wayward to take a 5 month ZZT sabbatical
Saturday 30 September 2000
Wayward writes:
"hello to all of you, i have a small announcement to make.
on the date of 10/11/2000, at 11:11AM, something that will have no impact on zzt will happen. i am going to be taking a 5 month sabbatical from the zzt commune. I AM NOT QUITTING ZZT, i am just taking leave from the commune because, in all actuality, i need to retake focus on my life and my zzting. i got way to discouraged by playing games that are way up there compared to mine, so this is sort of my "wanderlust" into my own realm where i refine my own style of zzting. so yes, i will still be working on games. i also need to figure out my life. whoever tells you senior year is a breeze is a lying son-of-a-bitch. this year has been so hard and so stressful and so busy. i want to keep zzting, but i don't have time to check the commune out and do stuff like that or anything.
nothing will change...i haven't been on irc in ages. i'll still check things like all of those zzt awards that will be happening soon, but that's about it. if i ever get back on AIM, i'll still talk to people, my name is Asher1611. but, this is it for now. after the above mentioned date, i won't be active in the zzt commune again until 3/11/2001 at 11:11AM. This date is significant to me, but it will passed unnoticed. c'est la vie."

MZXEA 2000 page's URL changed
Saturday 30 September 2000
Since Teferi, who owned PFNet before, got a new server (wmute.net), the MegaZeux Excellence Awards 2000 page is now located at http://mzxea.wmute.net. The old address still works as well, but I recommend you use this URL.

MZXEA 2000 page goes up
Thursday 28 September 2000
I (Hercules) have uploaded the page for the revived MegaZeux Excellence Awards 2000 competition. The main design has been done by Akwende and the contents/additional design has been done by me. Most of the rules are based upon Myth's original MZXEA rules. Go here for detailed information.

Eagle Rock Interactive is looking for a new president
Wednesday 27 September 2000
The ZZT company Eagle Rock Interactive is looking for a new president as of today. DoggyShop, who was the president of ERI from the time Dragonlord quit until today, decided to quit ERI today. He's quitting ZZT as well, but he will still be around on IRC at random times. DoggyShop, who is a real-life friend of me (Hercules), gave me the right to look for a new president for the company. If you are interested in the spot, mail me here. People who apply and are not a member of ERI yet, should include a copy of their ZZT work as well. Knowledge of HTML and being able to organize things pretty well are both a pre. I will keep you informed of the status of the only ZZT company currently out there which has been around longer than Interactive Fantasies.

Final Fantasy: Dynasty Prelude to become open source
Tuesday 12 September 2000
Akwende submitted the following to mWorld: "I've noticed that with college, I don't have much time or interest in MZX anymore. I decided to shortly upload all of my FFDP files (~20MB) for the public. Also, I would also [like to] say that while not final, currently I'm out of the community and done with MZX." This is also the reason why Akwende didn't join Interactive Fantasies after all (he was interested in joining in August). It's shame he's leaving, even though it might be temporarily.

MouseTrap faces trouble
Sunday 10 September 2000
MouseTrap, the server also known as trap.cx, has been facing several downtimes lately. This server hosts a lot of ZZT sites, including zzt.org, PlanetZZT and the Eagle Rock Interactive page. The exact cause of the recent downtimes is unknown and the owner (ButterWhore/nny) hasn't been spotted lately. Dragonlord and FishFood (maintainers of zzt.org) are planning to mirror zzt.org on SurfSolutions (the server that hosted it before it was moved to MouseTrap).

ZZTyrant restarts FotZ
Wednesday 6 September 2000<
ZZTyrant has restarted the ZZT company FotZ (Fellowship of the Z), which fell apart a few days ago. He is currently the only member, but he's looking for new people. Contact him here if you're interested. Redmage, who was with FotZ for a long time, too, recently joined Inverted Thoughts Inc Dot. This company had an open spot, because WildKarrde is no longer a member.

FotZ falls apart
Sunday 3 September 2000
The up-and-coming ZZT company FotZ (Fellowship of the Z), led by Wayward sadly fell apart yesterday. Wayward wasn't so happy with Atrocity and Where's Waldo both leaving the company without even telling him. He decided to quit FotZ himself, because he didn't think it meant anything anymore and it was damaged beyond repair. He gave the company to ZZTbot (the former vice-president of the company), but ZZTbot decided to quit as well. At this point, FotZ died.

Cooldaddyk works on two unique MegaZeux games
Saturday 2 September 2000
Cooldaddyk writes about two very unique MegaZeux games he is working on: "The first one is called "R.E.M." which is about four people who are sucked into a portal and they go inside my dreams. The game is in full 3D and even allows you to play a game mixed between Descent and Quake II (the graphics are good a must see!!!). It should be coming out on 12/24/00. The next game is probably the largest game ever made in Megazeux. Its called "Your Life" and it allows you to make a life for yourself in a very very artifical intellgent world. I need lots of help on a these game. I need people to help with sound effects, music, graphics, and lots of programming."

Lenin, WiL and Atrocity join Inverted Thoughts Inc Dot
Saturday 2 September 2000
Inverted Thoughts Inc Dot, the ZZT company owned by FishFood, Lord Igsel, Zamros and Dragonlord, recently attracted three new members: Lenin, WiL and Atrocity. WiL quit Eagle Rock Interactive a while ago and Atrocity (formerly known as PresHGSI) quit FotZ, the company of Wayward. Also, the ITID page has been updated.

Where's Waldo becomes the new DirrCo president
Saturday 2 September 2000
Mrs Claus writes in about his ZZT company DirrCo: "Where's Waldo has become president of DirrCo as far as I know, so if anyone wants to join now, they can. I will be helping Waldo on some upcoming titles, such as Captain Planet."