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October 1999

Zenith releases two cool games
Saturday 23 October 1999
Zenith has released two cool ZZT games, Treasure Island Dizzy and <Untitled>. Treasure Island Dizzy is Zenith's third conversion of the CodeMasters Dizzy PC games. <Untitled> is a cool puzzle game la Sokoban, BoulderXod and Calmness. Get them both here.

ZZT OmenShop officially dead
Saturday 23 October 1999
DoggyShop has finally announced that the ZZT OmenShop, his ZZT peview page is dead and will not return. We knew for quite a while that it was dead, since it was never being updated, but it was supposed to return at the Eagle Rock Interactive page. Well, it won't now. If you're looking for a good ZZT preview site, visit Blue's #Char 2 white on Blue now.

Dexter organizes 4 hours of ZZT
Saturday 23 October 1999
Dexter will be organizing the 4 hours of ZZT. I quote him: "i am organizing a 4hozzt starting the 30th (my birthday.) try to guess what the topic is. all entries should be sent to thedexter@hotmail.com. the topic will be announced in #sledgehammer, #darkdigital, and random other channels on the day of the contest. it starts at 4pm, pacific.". The judges will most likely be Dexter and Zorkboy. Chuck and tseng might be judging as well.

Dark FLR releases ZZTV 3
Thursday 21 October 1999
Dark FLR has finally released issue 3 of the ZZT magazine ZZTV. This magazine contains "channels" by Dark FLR (as usual), RingWorm, Viovis, gerbil and FunkMeister. It's fun, so download it here.

Welcome to Hell released
Thursday 21 October 1999
tseng has finished and released the Boys in Blue interactive movie (Darkness Falls-style), Welcome to Hell. It was set for a November Eve release, but tseng got around to finishing it earlier. It's a very good game/movie, that you should download. Get it here or read some info about it here.

Dragonfish Review Archive is now really dead
Tuesday 19 October 1999
Dragonlord has killed the Dragonfish Review Archive for the second time. This time for real, it won't return (according to Dragon). The main reason is the lack of updates. You can read Dragonlord's entire story here. Note that the review tseng wrote of Teen Priest, is still available (because he asked so).

ZZT Piano v1.1.1 released
Tuesday 19 October 1999
Dark FLR has released ZZT Piano v1.1.1. It contains some good new features over the last version (v1.1.0). Note that you need to download ZZT Piano v1.1.0 first, before downloading the new version. It is available here.

#Char 2 White on Blue redesigned
Thursday 14 October 1999
Zorkboy recently formed a new company, called Explode16, after quitting Starfuckers Inc. graa (aka HellCamino) is doing the webpage for the company, which looks pretty good. They are looking for a full time music composer. Visit their webpage here. It is located on graa's server, which means the link only works if it's up.

skullie starts Volvo comic
Wednesday 13 October 1999
skullie (aka scissor) has started a funky new online ZZT comic, called Volvo. It's a funny comic about a few ZZTers (xabbott, Koopo, Draco, skullie, Masamune and others). All of the comics center around a Volvo, driven by Masamune. xabbott also drew one episode, which is cool. I suggest you check it out here.

Autumn Dreams returns
Monday 11 October 1999
The legendary MegaZeux company, Autumn Dreams, has returned! They now have their own domain, located here. Autumn Dreams is not a MegaZeux company anymore - they are now working on a Game Creating System called Game Studio and two games, of which one is Orb of the Twisted (remember the MZX demo?). However, they have not forgotten about their MegaZeux period - their old MZX titles, such as Spirit Revenge and Honor Quest 2, are downloadable on their page.

Fall 1999 24 hours of ZZT results published
Tuesday 5 October 1999
This weekend the 24 hours of ZZT results were published. Because I had some trouble with my modem this weekend, the results were posted in a table on the official Fall 1999 24 hours of ZZT page yesterday. I (Hercules) won the contest with the entry "A Grunt in the Dark". Smiley14 and Blazer shared a tied second place and GipFace came in third. The Winter 1999 24 hours of ZZT contest will be hosted by me on this page. Check out the results here.

ZZTWizard organizes bi-monthly 24 hours of ZZT
Tuesday 5 October 1999
ZZTWizard (aka jimbob) will be organizing an unofficial 24 hours of ZZT contest every two months. The first bi-monthly 24 hours of ZZT starts on October 15. The reason he organizes these contests is that he thinks four 24 hours of ZZT contests in a year might not be enough for some. Personally, I don't like the idea, because it takes a away the special feeling of a 24hoz contest. In my opinion, with the addition of six bi-monthly 24hoz contests, there are now way too much 24hoz competitions. Anyway, if you want to participate, email jimbob. The page is located here. The judges are jimbob, tseng, Chuck, Xerox and Dexter.

Darhf's ZZT Search Engine up and running
Tuesday 5 October 1999
Dark FLR has uploaded his ZZT Search Engine, the DZSE. You can search for ZZT games easily, by genre, author, keywords or just the name of the game or utility. You can add your games so other people can search for them. Go here to check it out!

#Char 2 White on Blue mirror on trap.cx
Tuesday 5 October 1999
Blue Magus now has a mirror-site up for his ZZT preview site #Char 2 White on Blue. It's located at http://char2.trap.cx. If you don't like Tripod pop-up menus, then use this mirror. The page is absolutely awesome, a must-visit. It contains previews of tucan's rootthesensitivepoetaardvark and Opium for the Masses, a lot of Interactive Fantasies games (Treasure Island Dizzy and Shock by Zenith and King's Quest ZZT 2 by Hydra and MeBo) and even more.