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November 2000

Autumn 24 hours of ZZT ends
Tuesday 28 November 2000
The Autumn 24 hours of ZZT contest, hosted by Shigesato, has ended. The topic was 'person'. In total, 19 entries were submitted (including one by me, Hercules). They can be downloaded here. The results will be announced very soon, at char2.net. The judges are Shigesato himself, Lemmer, Zenith and jimbob. More news about the results and possibly the Winter 24 hours of ZZT contest to follow soon.

trap.cx changes into mtrap.org
Tuesday 28 November 2000
The server that hosts many a ZZT page (including zzt.org and PlanetZZT), Mousetrap, has undergone a huge change. Butterwhore (aka sixteen/nny), who owns Mousetrap, has changed the server's URL from trap.cx to mtrap.org. Using trap.cx in your browser still works, but soon it will stop functioning (only using mtrap.org will work). People who have links to any Mousetrap pages should change trap.cx into mtrap.org soon.

Hoodian Awards 2000
Wednesday 22 November 2000
Lemmer is hosting the Hoodian Awards 2000, the annual ZZT awards originally started and hosted by Tseng/Mike Renner. The judges (me- Hercules, Zenith, Viovis, Knightt, Tseng and FreeZerBurn) have started nominating and the voting/info page will be up when the judges have done their work.

Autumn 24 hours of ZZT details
Tuesday 21 November 2000
Blue Magus (aka Shigesato) has announced the details on the Autumn 24 hours of ZZT contest. The contest is being held this saturday (November 25). It starts on 5 AM GMT (12:00 EST) and it ends 24 hours later, on sunday November 26, 5 AM GMT. The topic will be announced on the the page, probably somewhere on IRC and it will also be sent to all participants via e-mail. If you still want to do sign, do so quickly by e-mailing Blue Magus. Visit the official page here.

Gavin Bright works on ZZQ
Tuesday 21 November 2000
Gavin Bright is working on a new Game Creating System, called ZZQ. In the future, you can download it here.

Hercules meets Tim Sweeney
Saturday 18 November 2000
I (Hercules) have interviewed Tim Sweeney, creator of ZZT and of the main guys behind Unreal! The interview is mainly about ZZT and it is probably one of the most interesting interviews ever published on a ZZT-related site. You can read it here.

Autumn 24 hours of ZZT date set
Tuesday 14 November 2000
Blue Magus has set the date for the Autumn 2000 24 hours of ZZT contest. The contest will be held at November 25 (time still to be determined). Visit the page here.

Cooldaddyk works on Imagination Shaper
Tuesday 14 November 2000
Cooldaddyk is working on a new text/2d/3d Game Creating System, called Imagination Shaper. It will have the following features:

+ Text\2D\3D graphics (3d includes colored lights, mirrors, fog, transparency)
+ Built-in editors (game editor, code editor, model and map editor (model and map editor for dos only))
+ CD music, .mid, .wav, .mp3 support for music and sound
+ .avi, .fli, .bmp, .pcx file support
+ Network support
+ Built-in easy to learn language (some commands were adapted from MZX
+ "Compile" game into uneditable version (runs with Isplayer.exe which just plays the game) and release it for money
and more...

Lame Game website back
Sunday 12 November 2000
StarDreamer put the now redesigned Lame Game website up here. The page was gone for several months, because of an unfortunate harddisk crash.

Tim Sweeney to be interviewed
Sunday 12 November 2000
I (Hercules) am going to interview Tim Sweeney about ZZT. He said he'd be very glad to do an interview and he was surprised people actually still play ZZT. The interview has been sent out and you can expect a feature about ZZT's roots and early stages (which includes the interview) in about a week. In addition, Hydra is doing a feature on the "ancient" ZZT Club Part 2 and he is interviewing ex-member John Shipley as well.

Wayward joins Eagle Rock Interactive, Robovine quits
Saturday 4 November 2000
Wayward has recently joined the ZZT company Eagle Rock Interactive. Robovine, long-time member of ERI, recently quit the company, since he didn't have much time for ZZT anymore.

PlanetZZT message boards "flooded" as well
Saturday 4 November 2000
The mWorld message boards were recently taken down due to somebody flooding it with empty messages. Somebody did the same thing to the PlanetZZT message boards as well. It is not yet known who this person is, but it's most likely to same person who flooded the mWorld message boards.