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March 2000

Spring 24 hours of ZZT news update
Tuesday 28 March 2000
GipFace, the host of the Spring 24 hours of ZZT, solved most of the problems concerning the contest. The new judges are GipFace, Chuck, Knightt (who came back to the judging team), kev-san and Darkmage. Keep checking the Spring 24hoz page for results to next few days.

Goodbye #yay, #/mefallsover, welcome #ghettobastard, #mofo
Tuesday 28 March 2000
DoggyShop decided to kill his Austnet ZZT channel #yay and formed a new channel: #ghettobastard. FishFood and Lord Igsel ritually killed #/mefallsover, because of various reasons, and formed a new channel as well, #mofo, of which Igsel is the owner. Operators include me, Ibuki, FreeZerBurn and Duhreetoh.

Spring 24 hours of ZZT tragedy
Monday 27 March 2000
GipFace is facing problems concerning the Spring 24 hours of ZZT, which ended yesterday (topic: food). 26 people/teams submitted their entries and among the entries are some pretty good ones. This is obviously not the problem. The problems started in the judging phase. First of all, Knightt dropped out (he refused to judge Blazer's entry, because it insulted him too much and didn't say anything about the rest). According to GipFace, Rory Carman judged very biased. Lemmer gave 5 people a 9.0 (including two unfinished entries) and gave the rest a 0, because he thought they had no real effort put into them. I (Hercules) spoke to GipFace a while today and he decided to kick Lemmer and Rory Carman out of the judging team, which is a very good decission. Now he's asking tseng and mono if they would like to judge. Don't worry, GipFace is solving the problems, which is very good. Two thumbs for GipFace, who's a really good host so far. Finally, I'd like to say that I'm really disappointed in the three kicked-out judges (mainly Lemmer), but this is no place to rant, I realize. Visit the official Spring 24 hours of ZZT page here. You can also grab the entries there.

New #char 2 goes online
Sunday 26 March 2000
Blue Magus, aka Shigesato, has uploaded the new version of his ZZT site #char 2 white on blue. The new version is being maintained by a complete staff to make sure it'll be updated frequently with lots of content. Expect reviews, previews, downloads, a game of the week by me, articles and more. Visit the page here.

Spring 24 hours of ZZT has started
Sunday 26 March 2000
The Spring 24 hours of ZZT, hosted by GipFace has started. It began yesterday at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. The judges are GipFace, Chuck, Lemmer, Knightt and R. Carman. The topic is Food. You have till 7:00 PM EST today to work on your entry and after that, you'll have one hour to submit it. The official Spring 24 hours of ZZT page can be found here.

Vision Tech reformed
Thursday 23 March 2000
Parasite has reformed his ZZT company Vision Tech. He was a member of a lot of other ZZT companies before, but he quit them all to devote all his time to Vision Tech. The current members of Vision Tech are Parasite (president), LowerVP/KKairos, DarkShadow, Voighdt and DeathFox. They sort of lost contact with Blindgoat, who was a member of Vision Tech before. Their homepage can be found here.

Reptile House is accepting members
Thursday 23 March 2000
Dexter informed me that the ZZT company Reptile House is accepting members. If you like to join, send an email with a sample of your work to Lemmer.

HM works on XZZT++ - ZZT for Linux
Thursday 23 March 2000
WeP, author of ZZT++, writes on zzt.org that HM has joined the ZZT++ development team (as an official SourceForge developer). HM is working on XZZT++: the ZZT++ port to Linux, which will run under X-Windows using the GIMP toolkit (gtk+). More about this can be found here. On the related note: Jacob Hammond has also joined the ZZT++ development team. Of course, he will still work on ZIG, his ZZT clone.

Lame Game holds the Life of a Player 2 contest
Tuesday 21 March 2000
Ringworm of Lame Game is holding the Life of a Player 2 contest. Life of a Player 2 is the ZZT game by Ringworm and Oddjob, which is currently being beta-tested (I've already tested it - it kicks ass). More info on the date and submission rules will be posted later, when the beta-testing is done. The contest will consists of questions concerning small details in Life of a Player 1. You have to register by emailing Ringworm with your name and email address. The winner gets the following: Life of a Player 1: Director's Cut, an autographed version of Life of a Player 2 (a month before it's released), a cameo in Life of a Player 2 and the video movie "How to be a player". The page can be found here.

Benco joins Eagle Rock Interactive
Monday 20 March 2000
Benco, creator of the well-programmed Ripped Off series for ZZT, has joined the ZZT company Eagle Rock Interactive. Eagle Rock Interactive now has 10 members once again, which means no more joining.

mWorld's new games database is done
Monday 20 March 2000
The new games database of the MegaZeux internet source mWorld is up and running. Dormando has edited Myth's database script for zzt.org and made it ready for mWorld. Searching for games is now much easier and adding games is also much easier for Matt Williams.

Company Inc is founded
Monday 20 March 2000
Lenin has founded a new ZZT company: Company Inc. Currently Lenin, Masamune, kev-san and Cait_Sith are the members. You can check out two versions of the page of the Russia lovers: Masamune's version and Lenin's version.

2000 Megazeux Achievement Awards winners published
Saturday 18 March 2000
ZzCrook has published the winners of the 2000 Megazeux Achievement Awards. They can read here. Three IF games won an award: Brotherhood won the Best Storyline category, Adlo won the Best Sound/Music category and Endless Journey: Ethen's Test Chapter 1 won the Best Graphics award.

Dexter starts a new ZZT news page
Saturday 18 March 2000
Dexter has started a new ZZT news page. In the future it will contain all the up-to-date news you need. The page is up right here.

#megazeux moves again
Tuesday 14 March 2000
A while ago, the operators of #megazeux (which was located at EsperNet) decided to move the channel to PFNet. It can be reached by using one of the following servers: aether.pfnet.org or geekmafia.pfnet.org (using the standard port).

Spring Ibuki Other 24 hours of ZZT news
Thursday 9 March 2000
Dunkinbean needs some people to join the Spring Ibuki 24 hours of ZZT, which takes place a week after the Spring 24 hours of ZZT. Currently he only has two judges (Jacob Hammond and Bocco11). Check out the page here.

Jacob Hammond releases ZIG v2.0e2
Thursday 9 March 2000
Jacob Hammond has released ZIGv2.0e2. It has an improved object editor. Grab it at the ZIG Page.

Myth's ZZT/MZX page - what will happen?
Thursday 9 March 2000
Myth informed me that he is trying to copy all his files from his ZZT/MZX page that recently went down, to another server. If this doesn't work, it may be so that Myth's page is dead. That's pretty sad, since it was one of the few ZZT/MZX pages with good content, that has been around for ages.

Hydra releases iFantasy 8 and HM starts work on iFantasy 9
Sunday 5 March 2000
Hydra has finished iFantasy 8. It is available for download here. HM is now working on issue 9 of iFantasy (Interactive Fantasies' ZZT magazine). You cand send him all your submissions (art, previews, reviews, advertisements, etc...). HM asks you to put "iFantasy" in the subject, so his mail program can sort it out.

GroundZero Interactive news
Sunday 5 March 2000
FreeZerBurn writes in to say that the ZZT company GroundZero Interactive (that he himself founded a long time ago) is almost dead, because of Benco leaving. They will take new members now.

Darkdigital.cx gets a new lay-out
Sunday 5 March 2000
Ibuki is working on a new ZZT and MegaZeux site, called Darkdigital.cx, as you might know. The new lay-out is up at http://darkdigital.cx. Check it out and let Ibuki know what you think of it.

WeP releases ZZT++ version 0.8.44
Sunday 5 March 2000
WeP has released ZZT++ v0.8.44. He writes at zzt.org: "i have just released zzt++ v0.8.44 since i finished the SoundManager this morning. it plays everything in zzt i have the music strings for. that's almost everything, but i lack some of the stuff for zzt standard soud effects." Go and grab it at planetzztp.com.

New ZZT and MegaZeux mailing list: zztmzx
Thursday 2 March 2000
I (Hercules) have started a new mailing list for ZZT and MegaZeux: zztmzx. Everybody is free to join and post messages. There's also a small community page for it at OneList (the service that hosts this mailing list). All info on how to sign up, rules, how it works and more can be read here.

DigitalMZX opens up
Thursday 2 March 2000
joshdw1 has opened a new and very resourceful MegaZeux site, DigitalMZX. It's a reincarnation of the Untitled MegaZeux page. It includes up-to-date news, previews, reviews, downloads and more. Visit it at http://www.digitalmzx.net.

mWorld redesigned and moved
Thursday 2 March 2000
Matt Williams has redesigned his famous MegaZeux site mWorld and moved it to rydia.net (Dormando's server). The new lay-out looks pretty good and the new message board is also better than the old one. Matt is still going to redesign the games section. Visit the mWorld here.

Adlo v1.5 released
Thursday 2 March 2000
Crankgod has released version 1.5 of his MegaZeux side-scroller Adlo. It includes bug-fixes and some cool mini-games. It can be downloaded here. I will also upload it the to IF page, since Adlo has been released under Interactive Fantasies.