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July 2001

Nameless Awards winners published
Saturday 21 July 2001
Wayward, the host of the Nameless Awards 2001, has published the winners of these awards. They can be found here. Three Interactive Fantasies products received awards: Deceiving Guidance - by Hercules and Hydra (Best Graphics, Best Gameplay, Best Title Screen, Best Dungeon Game, ZZT Game of 2001), Scorched Earth ZZT - by aetsch (Best Programming, Best Engine/Engine-based game) and #play 5 - WiL (Best Music). Other big winners include Knightt (who won several awards, including Best Demo, Best 24hoz entry, Best RPG, ZZTer of 2001 and more) and God (who won the Best Action Game, New ZZTer of 2001 and Most Improved ZZTer of 2001 awards).

Summer Duelstream Day of Zeux results
Wednesday 18 July 2001
The results of the Summer Duelstream Day of Zeux, hosted by Terryn, have been released. The two topics where the contestants could choose from were "Rebirth" (general) and "Bloodthirsty plants" (specific). Team ex0r0x0r (Exophase, Wervyn and Quasar) came in first with their entry "Impact". Team Endostage (Tabris, Ghent and MadBrain) placed second and Team Luchi (Threep2742 and ZhayTee) came in third. The best "Bloodthirsty plant" entry was made by MistyCow. Detailed results, judging scores (by Terryn, wizdom, Tixus and Thundercloud) and the entries can be found here.

Akwende's MZX Graphics Competition starts
Wednesday 18 July 2001
Akwende has started his MegaZeux Graphis Competition. All contestants are given a generic MZX board (download it here) which they have to graphically improve as much as they can. You can take as much time as you need (there is no 24 hour limit or something to that effect) and you can only participate alone (no teams allowed). For detailed information, visit the page here and read Akwende's post about it here.

Nameless Awards voting started
Tuesday 10 July 2001
The voting for Wayward's Nameless Awards 2001, the ZZT awards that cover the first half of 2001, are up. The nominees, chosen by the council of judges (Hercules, Wayward, Zenith, Knightt, Tseng, Fishfood and Ringworm), are all listed per category and you can vote by simply selecting your number one choice per category. Voting can be done on the Nameless Awards page and the voting will be closed at 11:59 PM on Monday July 16th. The winners will be announced shortly after, during an awards ceremony on #loungeact (Austnet, IRC, time/date still to be determined).

Summer Duelstream Day of Zeux entries released
Tuesday 10 July 2001
Terryn hosted the Summer Duelstream Day of Zeux last weekend. The two topics (you had to choose one of them) were: "rebirth" (general topic) and "make a game about bloodthirsty plants" (specific topic). In total, 15 entries (a record!) were submitted, all of which are available at the DsDoZ page. Winners and team ID numbers will be announced soon.

Hitler's Secret Bunker formed
Tuesday 10 July 2001
Dexter and skullie have recently formed a new ZZT company, called "Hitler's Secret Bunker". skullie used to be in Random Inc, but decided to leave and co-found this new company. If you are interested in joining, send a sample of your work to Dexter. Also, look out for an HSB sampler soon and visit their page here.

Zamros starts new ZZT review website
Tuesday 10 July 2001
Zamros has recently started a new ZZT website, called "King Graham's Realm". Here's what Zamros himself has to say about it:
In other words, check it out and enjoy.

Oof joins Random Inc
Tuesday 10 July 2001
Oof has recently joined Knightt's ZZT company, Random Inc, after skullie left to form Hitler's Secret Bunker. Oof placed third in the Summer 2001 24 hours of ZZT contest with a pretty good entry and almost has his first full-length game ready for release. Visit the Random Inc page here.

Luke Drelick releases new demo
Tuesday 10 July 2001
Luke Drelick, also known as SEGA, has recently released a new kick-ass demo of his MegaZeux game "Magic Ripple Remix". Like the name says, it's a remake (of an old game from 1997). You can download the demo here.

Vertigo forms Collective Virtuosity
Tuesday 10 July 2001
Vertigo, aka FreeZerBurn, has decided to run his own ZZT company again, after he ran Eaglerock Interactive for a while. He formed a company called "Collective Virtuosity" and is looking for people to join. Chuck has already joined as a co-leader and starbux has joined as well. More info can be found here.

Cans X preview
Tuesday 10 July 2001
E. Megas, who is working on Cans X (the sequel to the MegaZeux games Cans 1, 2 and 3) together with Inmate2993, has uploaded a cool new Splash advertisement for Cans X. Check it out here, especially if you're a Cans fan.

Knightt wins Summer 2001 24 hours of ZZT
Tuesday 3 July 2001
Knightt, maintainer of zzt.org and president of Random Inc, has won the Summer 2001 24 hours of ZZT contest with his entry "The Revived are Still Alive". Robert Pragt and I (Hercules) came in second with the entry "Self-rot" and Oof placed third. Detailed results (in txt format) can be read here. Knightt will now be hosting the Fall 2001 24 hours of ZZT and the judges have already been chosen: Knightt, Skullie, Cait_Sith, Chuck and Tseng. Also, KevEdit will be allowed in this contest.

Eaglerock Interactive gets reinforcements
Tuesday 3 July 2001
Eaglerock Interactive has recently had several changes in their line-up. First of all, EvilMario, HenchSOD Kracken and craNKGod joined their ranks. Teenspirit left with a bang a few days later and ZZTReaper (formerly known as Raptorcomm, an ex-member of both ERI and AKware) joined. Visit the ERI page here.

Leamas joins Random Inc
Tuesday 3 July 2001
Leamas (creator of the Game of the Month-winning L.O.M.E.) has recently joined Knightt's growing ZZT company Random Inc. The open spot was a result of Atrocity being kicked out of Random Inc, because he had apparently threatened zzt.org. It is said that voighdt may be leaving as well, since he isn't planning on doing much ZZT-related work anymore, after the release of Today is Monday (which won Game of the Month on zzt.org). Visit the RI page here.

Duky Inc page returns
Tuesday 3 July 2001
Finally, Luke Drelick has revamped the Duky Inc site and moved it to a different server. Unlike what many people thought, Duky Inc has been alive all the way since Engine 2's release. Its current members are Luke Drelick (SEGA), Maxim, Dan Patalano (Nash), BiG BuBBa and Ryosuke.