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July 1999

Zenith and voighdt join Reptile House
Monday 19 July 1999
Zenith and voighdt have recently joined lemmer's ZZT company Reptile House. Zenith already released an art collection under the Reptile House banner, which is called "Zenith's Ultra Whack".

#zztalk founded
Monday 19 July 1999
Kev Carter, Masamune and JawaTrader have founded #zztalk. There will be a #zztalk homepage up soon. For the rules on this channel, read the post on the message boards.

James Wong joins Interactive Fantasies
Monday 19 July 1999
James Wong (aka cygnus or Multi), ex member of Software Visions, has joined Interactive Fantasies to replace the departed Jeff Conroy. Jeff left because he doesn't like the idea of programming groups anymore. cygnus is still working on his MegaZeux game Azeroth.

JawaTrader joins Interactive Fantasies
Monday 19 July 1999
JawaTrader (aka Vampy) has joined Interactive Fantasies as well. He replaces Viper, who left as well. JawaTrader is now working on Asbestos 3, which looks to be good. IF now has ten members again.

ZZT Piano released!
Monday 19 July 1999
Dark FLR has finally released the long-awaited ZZT music program, ZZT Piano. It allows you to play music on a "piano", so that you hear what you're playing and it converts it to ZZT music. Go download it at Dark FLR's page. Note that it requires VB5 runtime (service pack 3) to run on your computer. This is downloadable at the Microsoft page.

Masamune is back to ZZT
Saturday 10 July 1999
After a short period of disappearing, Masamune returns to ZZT again. His new AIM screenname is Masamune5j.

Starlight Shadow is dead
Thursday 8 July 1999
Chuck has disbanded his company Starlight Shadow, formerly known as Digital Glass Enterprises. The main reason behind this is that he thinks companies suck. According to tseng, however, Chuck is now looking for a new company. This sounds contradictional. here.

Zenith quits Interactive Fantasies
Wednesday 7 July 1999
Zenith has left Interactive Fantasies, because of various reasons. He said he has been in IF too long (about a year) and he has slightly drifted away from the IF scene. However, Zenith won't quit ZZT, but it's not sure whether he goes solo or he will join another company.

Knightt joins Interactive Fantasies
Wednesday 7 July 1999
Knightt, the ZZTer famous for his Stupid RPG games, has joined Interactive Fantasies. Now he's working on the ZZT titles Elixer and Stupid Fantasy. Knightt and I may also make a sequel to the ZZT game Quest for the Immortals.

Hydra and Hercules start work on new game
Wednesday 7 July 1999
Hydra and I (Hercules) will soon start work on a new ZZT game. This will be another one of those small funny ZZT games, like Red Light Zone and Bear/Beer Hunting. This one is going to be about a scotter (which is a person who disses people). It will feature some nice "Scott Battles", cool graphics and a good humor (hopefully).

Dive and Masamune quit ZZT
Wednesday 7 July 1999
Dive announces on the zzt.org message boards that he and Masamune will stop programming ZZT. Dive said he will still be visiting #darkdigital and he will still be participating in 24 hours of ZZT contests.

dexter leaves Starlight Shadow
Wednesday 7 July 1999
dexter has announced that he left Chuck's company Starlight Shadow. He may also leave Infinity Inc and it is not sure in which company he will release his games under in the future.

reptile house rises from its grave<
Wednesday 7 July 1999
The famous ZZT company reptile house has recently been refounded by lemmer. The other members are tseng, scissor and coolzx. lemmer, scissor and coolzx used to be in HM's Infinity Inc, which is now probably going to merge with reptile house. Knightt was in the new reptile house as well, but he left very soon to join Interactive Fantasies.

Myth releases Winter
Wednesday 7 July 1999
Myth has released his ZZT puzzle game Winter. It contains some good, mind-boggling puzzles and nice graphics. You can download it here.

Jeff Conroy makes up a ranking table for the 24 hours of ZZT
Monday 5 July 1999
Jeff Conroy has made up a table with the rankings/results of the Summer 24 hours of ZZT, since Misteroo didn't do this. As you know, Koopo came in first, Knightt came in second and Myth came in third. I (Hercules) got 7th with my entry "Beyond the Clouds". Some games are not listed, because some judges didn't score all the games. CoolZx has been disqualified, because the game he sent in was from an earlier 24 hours of ZZT. View the results here.

24 hours of ZZT scores published
Sunday 4 July 1999
Misteroo has published the results of the 24 hours of ZZT in a simple text file. This text file includes the ratings and comments of four out of the five judges. However, this text file doesn't show an overall score and a ranking system. It is very unclear and a lot of games haven't even been rated. As you see, the judging phase of the Summer 24 hours of ZZT went totally wrong (this is no offense to Misteroo). Next time the 24 hours of ZZT will be hosted by Koopo, probably here on the IF page with the help of me (Hercules). View the scores text file here.

The ZZT Carnivale is dead
Sunday 4 July 1999
The big ZZT event of Vampy, known as the ZZT Carnivale, is now dead. This is because there were tons of problems concerning the Starcraft Tournament, half of the judges didn't do anything, Masamune dropped out and even more. So that's the end of the ZZT Carnivale.

Koopo wins 24 hours of ZZT
Saturday 3 July 1999
Koopo has won the Summer 24 hours of ZZT with his entry "Space Invaders". Knightt came in second with his "Stupid RPG 2". The rest of the results will be published today. You can download all of the 24 hours of ZZT entries here. There were more than 30 entries, making this 24 hours of ZZT contest the largest ever.

Ethan Hunt returns
Saturday 3 July 1999
Ethan Hunt has now decided to come back to the scene. The main reason for this is this new secret game he is working on. I will keep it secret, but I can say that it sounds to be extremely cool. Anyway, Ethan is back in the scene and in IF.

Ethan Hunt is quitting
Thursday 1 July 1999
Ethan Hunt has announced he will be leaving the scene and Interactive Fantasies, because of various reasons (mainly because he doesn't work on his games a lot). We are still trying to convince him to stay, but you cannot force one to. Ethan might still work on a new ZZT game later, but that's not sure. This means IF will probably have an open spot soon.

24 hours of ZZT results to be published today
Thursday 1 July 1999
Misteroo has announced that he will publish the results of the Summer 24 hours of ZZT no later than 12:00 (noon) EST. Check out the 24 hours of ZZT page here.

Weekend of Zeux results published
Thursday 1 July 1999
The results of ChryoZak's Weekend of Zeux have been published. The TeaM of DooM (Kevin Vance, Lipid and md) came in first with their "Captain Proton and the Reality Rippers", Team42 (Threep2742, ScarJT, JZig and Zixyer) came in second with their entry "Layers of Reality" and Kai Kumuai (Stargazer, Casey McCann, jh and Guyver) got third with their game "Phobe". Note that the team with the ID number 543 has been disqualified, because their ZIP file was corrupted. For more info, go here.

#megazeux moves
Thursday 1 July 1999
#megazeux has now moved to its own network and is not on Austnet anymore. The network is called "zeuxIRC". You can use the following IRC servers to access #megazeux on its new location: sampo.st.hmc.edu or aether.dhs.org (using the standard ports).

Crankgod: what's he going to do?
Thursday 1 July 1999
I talked to Crankgod yesterday on AIM and he told he has quit the ZZT scene (mainly #darkdigital), because it prevented him from working on his games. He was never really a ZZTer, although he was most active in the ZZT community. His computer is also screwed up, but he says he might still continue his MegaZeux sidescroller Adlo.