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January 2003

Winter 24hoz entries for download
[ Posted by Hercules on Monday, January 13, 2003, at 6:16 PM ]
Bigge has released the Winter 24 hours of ZZT entries, which are now available for download here. In total, 14 people submitted a game. There was only one person who submitted art, two who made engines and seven people who participated in the 'junk' category. Stay tuned for the results and keep checking the official page here.

Marcus and Tommy join Interactive Fantasies
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, January 11, 2003, at 6:40 PM ]
Interactive Fantasies has welcomed two new MegaZeux programmers to the group: Marcus and Tommy, the two Finnish guys from Cyberpunks. They recently submitted the entry "Larry the Junkie" for the Duelstream Day of Zeux.

With the departure/vanishing of EmalkaY and Thundercloud and fejjy no longer doing MegaZeux stuff, IF finally has two MegaZeux programmers again.

DsDoZ winners announced!
[ Posted by Hercules on Thursday, January 9, 2003, at 7:50 PM ]
The final results of the New Year's Duelstream Day of Zeux of this year, which was hosted by Terryn, have been released. The judges were Wervyn, Hercules (me), Thundercloud and Lipid. You can download a Microsoft Excel sheet of the results here and read the individual judging sheets here.

The winners, for your convenience:

1) Team #47506 (Kyoufushou): Kurushimi, Trev-MUN, Tecki and RoSS -- "Crisis in Stuffyou City" with 1204/1600
2) Team #32335 (Mhrnmhrm!): WildWeasel -- "Panacea" with 986/1600
3) Team #01871 (Team of Gloom): Exophase, Tixus, Quasar84 and Es -- "Trinity" with 874/1600

ZoMbIe GuY placed 7th and last with his entry "FIND TEH MEDICINE FOR OLD MAN". In total, five entries were disqualified for varying reasons.

Visit the official Duelstream Day of Zeux here for more information.

Winter 24hoz topics announced
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 12:46 PM ]
The Winter 2002/2003 24 hours of ZZT contest started yesterday. This contest once again involved side-contests: main contest on the first day and the side-contests (art, programming, junk) on the second day. The topics for the main contest, which has ended now, were TRAVELLING or WORSHIP (you could pick one of those). The topics for the side-contests are FRUIT, INSANITY and REBELLION (art), INSOMNIA (junk) and RPG FIGHT, TALKING ENGINE and SIMULATION (programming). The side-contest entries need to be in today, before 3 PM PST.

For more details, I urge you to visit the official website.

MegaZeux v2.69b released
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, January 4, 2003, at 6:57 PM ]
From the mouth of Exophase himself:

"Just a minor update, but some of the new features I couldn't resist adding made their way in. Also some fixes... please give me feedback on the boards. As usual, check out the included text file (269b_info.txt this time around)."

Download the newest version of MegaZeux here.