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August 1999

Eon Entertainment releases Fatal Myth
Saturday 28 August 1999
The Zoox brothers (of Eon Entertainment fame) have released a very good MegaZeux RPG, called Fatal Myth. It features cool battles, a funky status screen, cool graphics, a groovy introduction and a nice plot. Download it here.

zzblue moves to Starfuckers Inc
Saturday 28 August 1999
zzblue has exchanged TheYoda's The Company for Dexter's Starfuckers Inc. SF Inc seems to attract a lot of members very quickly - it's quite a big "company" now.

IF24AHOZ results published
Thursday 26 August 1999
The results of the Interactive Fantasies 24 artistic hours of ZZT contest have been published! The overall winner is HM, winner of the Winter 24 hours of ZZT. This means he beat his rival and public favorite Draco, who came in second. Misteroo, winner of the Spring 24 hours of ZZT, came in third. HM was the winner of the Monster art board, Draco was the best with his Summer art board and Misteroo submitted the best Middle Ages art board. AKware won the company contest and beat Lame Game. For detailed tables, scores, averages, comments, etc..., go here.

ZZT Piano 1.1.0 to be released soon
Thursday 26 August 1999
Yesterday Blue Magus celebrated Bluelloween. Bluelloween is the day that Blue Magus returned to the ZZT scene (that was on October 25 1998). He used to be known as ZZTurbo, known from releases such as Freakish Town and the Magik Series. Blue released a special ZZT compilation at Bluelloween, which you can grab here.

yllek and jujubee joins Starfuckers Inc
Thursday 26 August 1999
yllek and jujubee joined Dexter's ZZT company Starfuckers Inc some days ago. yllek moved away from the dead Reptile House. Starfuckers Inc also has a homepage, which is located here.

IF24AHOZ is over
Monday 23 August 1999
The Interactive Fantasies 24 artistic hours of ZZT contest is over. The entries have been received and the judging process has started. About 28 guys sent in their entries and the results will be published within a few days. For more info, go here.

zzt.org to back soon
Monday 23 August 1999
The ultimate ZZT site, zzt.org, could lately only accessed via http://trap.cx/zarchive. xabbott says that zzt.org will be functional again soon and he will host it on Surfsolutions now, like he used to do.

Zenith joins Eagle Rock Interactive
Monday 23 August 1999
Zenith has joined Dragonlord's Eagle Rock Interactive after the disintegration of Reptile House. He will release his new ZZT game Fantasy World Dizzy under the ERI banner.

Zorkboy joins Starfuckers Inc
Monday 23 August 1999
Zorkboy, the MZXer known from games such as Dorkage and Hurt People, who recently got back to ZZT as well, has joined Dexter's Starfuckers Inc. He is working on a new ZZT game, called [sic].

Starfuckers Inc attracts ex Reptile House members
Monday 23 August 1999
Dexter's ZZT company Starfuckers Inc has attracted two new members (ex-Reptile House guys): voighdt and HM.

Reptile House officialy dead
Monday 23 August 1999
The ZZT company Reptile House is dead once again, after lemmer (the president) quit. Almost all the members left after that, meaning that it is dead. I don't know what has happened to scissor, yllek and CoolZx, though.

#yay refounded on Austnet
Monday 23 August 1999
Not long ago, DoggyShop and FishFood have refounded #yay on IRC (Austnet). #yay used to be the old channel of FishFood - he owned that channel before #yay! and #abandonware. Anyway, #yay is back with the operators DoggyShop, FishFood, Mako, Viovis, Dragonlord and me.

IF 24 artistic hours of ZZT competiton has started
Saturday 21 August 1999
The ZZT art contest I am hosting, the Interactive Fantasies 24 artistic hours of ZZT, has started as of 6 AM Eastern Standard Time. The topics are: Draw a monster/other weird creature, Summer and Middle Ages. For more info, go here.

lemmer has quit ZZT and #darkdigital
Saturday 21 August 1999
According to a lot of people, like Chuck, Dexter and tseng, lemmer has quit ZZT and #darkdigital. He joined #darkdigital, tried to delete his access there and left. He seemed to be pissed off and even told Chuck to "Fuck off". He's gone and he won't be coming back. I have no idea what will happen to Reptile House (lemmer's company). It might die, or someone might take over.

Starfuckers Incorporated formed
Friday 20 August 1999
Dexter has left Reptile House to form a new company, called Starfuckers Incorporated. The current members are Dexter (of course), Chuck, Blazer, zeux, Atom, tucan (who left Reptile House) and ZZTWizard (who left The Company). Dexter says the following: "i'm the 'president', i guess. it has little to no orginazation. i've created zzt/.gif logos, and i'm probly going to make some sort of magazine featuring the sf name. and, if you didn't know, the name is from a NiN song from the name of the first worldwide prostitution agency." If you want to join, email Dexter.

ZIG v1.01 released
Wednesday 18 August 1999
Jacob Hammond has released ZIG version 1.01 with some bug-fixes. It still contained bugs, so he released a bug-fix for v1.01 as well. You can get it at the ZIG site.

Engine: the Second Attack released
Wednesday 18 August 1999
Luke Drelick has finally released the long-awaited MegaZeux game "Engine: the Second Attack". I was a beta-tester, so I've played the games three times and it kicks major ass! Everybody, go download this MegaZeux masterpiece with extremely cool graphics, a funky soundtrack, action, adventure - all you need. Download it here.

ZZTV 3 needs submissions
Wednesday 18 August 1999
Dark FLR is working on issue three of the special ZZT magazine ZZTV. He still needs more submissions, so if you want to have your own channel in his magazine, email Dark FLR.

xabbott's (temporary) departure at zzt.org
Sunday 15 August 1999
xabbott, owner of zzt.org, has moved and will (or might) only be able to check his email in the weekends and maybe some updates on zzt.org. This will last till he gets a new computer. News updates on zzt.org (being done by guys like kev-san, Dexter and me) will still continue, but the uploads section will be removed. HM will make sure everything goes right with zzt.org.

tseng quits Reptile House
Sunday 15 August 1999
tseng has left Reptile House. I quote tseng on his reasons for his departure: "hrm. it has to do with me not doing much any more and the fact that i've joined and quit reptile house twice, already.".

Raptorian returns to ERI
Sunday 15 August 1999
Raptorian, who left Eagle Rock Interactive to return to AKware, has now decided to come back to ERI again. This was good news for ERI-president Dragonlord and the other members.

Warp Zone joins ERI
Sunday 15 August 1999
Warp Zone, a new ZZTer, has joined Eagle Rock Interactive. After the return of Raptorian, this was more good news for ERI. According to Dragonlord (ERI-president) Warp Zone's work has "high potential". Note that Dark FLR might leave ERI, due to the bad reactions he got about Z Front End, his newest project.

ZIG v1.0 released
Sunday 15 August 1999
Jacob Hammond has finally released the 1.0 version of ZIG (ZZT Inspired Game Creating System) after many betas. You can download it here. Many people have been waiting ages for ZIG, but no you can all download it and create games for it. A ZIG game creating contest may be held later. For the official ZIG page, go here.

Autumn Dreams dead, Arctic Fusion formed
Saturday 14 August 1999
Recently the MegaZeux company Autumn Dreams had died. This company used to be one of the greatest MZX companies ever, with members such as yenrab, Myth, Waka, Legendd and emmzee. However, the only guy who still did anything was Inmate. Duhreetoh (the other productive guy) had already left Autumn Dreams some time ago. With those two members leaving, Autumn Dreams is dead, because all the others members (excepting Ibrahim) haven't been seen around for ages (they all drifted away from the scene). Inmate formed a new "company", called Arctic Fusion. According to him, the only thing they have in common is a 4 second-logo, saying Arctic Fusion, that will appear on the title screen - this being an "excuse to share and trade ideas and engines with certain people". The current members are: Inmate, Ibrahim, Dormando, Marshmallo, Exophase, Duhreetoh, Lipid and E_Megas.

Exploration Software merges
Friday 13 August 1999
LowerVP told me that his ZZT company Exploration Software has merged with Parasite's company Flaming Kitty (which merged with BenCo as well). Their new name is Vision Tech. This company has two divisions, being the old two companies.

Raptorian returns to AKware
Thursday 12 August 1999
Raptorian has quit Eagle Rock Interactive to join his old company AKware again. He used to be in AKware a long time ago, when he still went under the nick RaptorComm. He didn't give a specific reason for his departure.

Z Front End in the works
Wednesday 11 August 1999
Dark FLR, the creator of the awesome music utitlity ZZT Piano, is now making a utility about as awesome, called Z Front End. It's going to be a Win9x utility which allows you to run ZZT, ZIG, ZZ3 and ZZT++ games. You can have these game zipped on your harddisk and this utility unzips and launches them for you. Other cool features like previews/screenshot options and direct access to readme files will be added as well. ZFE will be capable of reading NFO files in the zip (NFO folder) which can provide you with detailed information about the game. For more info, go here. The NFO maker is already published.

ZZT OmenShop uploaded
Wednesday 11 August 1999
DoggyShop has uploaded the ZZT OmenShop. There is much as of yet, but he is receiving lots of submissions, so the upcoming titles database will be up soon. It'll have some small interviews with ZZTers as well. Check it out.

DoggyShop starts ZZT OmenShop
Monday 9 August 1999
DoggyShop will be starting a Z3-like homepage (Ethan Hunt agreed to this), called the ZZT OmenShop. It's going to be a database of ZZT companies with their members and their upcoming titles. You can find info about all titles and of some you can download a demo. DoggyShop is asking all of you to help him with this. You can contact him here. When he has enough info ready, he'll upload the page.

On the Wire released
Monday 9 August 1999
Zenith has released the Dungeon exploring game (a la Asmodeus) On the Wire. This game was originally Draco's, but since he quit ZZT, Zenith continued it. The game is available at the zzt.org's unreviewed/uploads section. Go get, because it's good.

Flaming Kitty founded
Monday 9 August 1999
Parasite, creator of the new ZZT game Relocation (available at zzt.org), has formed a new ZZT company called Flaming Kitty. He is looking for new members, so if you want to join, email Parasite, the president.

xabbott joins Eagle Rock Interactive
Saturday 7 August 1999
xabbott, owner of zzt.org, has joined the ZZT company Eagle Rock Interactive. AtariKid and Toykirby have apparently left ERI, since Dragonlord (the president) didn't get a reply from them.

MegaZeux Warehouse is dead
Wednesday 4 August 1999
Jeff Conroy has shut down the doors of the MegaZeux Warehouse. This is because of various reasons, like he didn't update it as much as mWorld is being updated and such. To read Jeff's note, go here.

Blind and Jami's Undercity remixed
Wednesday 4 August 1999
Blue Magus has released remixes of his two ZZT horror games, Jami's Undercity (formerly released under IF) and Blind (formerly released under Canid Productions). They have been graphically improved and now include HTML documentation. You can download them here.

Draco quits ZZT
Wednesday 4 August 1999
Draco, creator of the Teen Priest series, has decided to quit ZZT. We will never see a Draco-ish ZZT game anymore. To see Draco's final contribution to ZZT, go to his now untitled page. However, Draco will still be on AIM and IRC.

Viovis quits ERI and joins Lame Game
Wednesday 4 August 1999
Viovis has decided to quit the company he was president and co-founder of, Eagle Rock Interactive. He joined the company he wanted to join for a long time, Lame Game. Dragonlord has inherited ERI, which means he is the president now.

deadwoK quits ERI and ZZT
Wednesday 4 August 1999
deadwoK, owner of zzt.cx, has quit ZZT, because he didn't do anything in it and he doesn't really like it anymore. Therefore he has also quit Eagle Rock Interactive. After Viovis left ERI, DoggyShop and FishFood thought about leaving, but they both decided to stay, which is a good decission, I think.