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Join date December 3rd, 2006
Interests Music, Audio Production
MZX games Catnip, Twip, Twip 2, Detroit: Crack City, ThDPro's Random Cave Generator, Domination, Lochronotran, Spirit Quest, Silence In The Theater, A Zombie-ee Halloween, MZX Adventure RPG, Commander Keen: Heroes Lost, Cave Conqueror, A Zombiee-ee Halloween 2, A KKairos Birthday Game, A Confectioner's Recipe, Xilch, Welkin
Companies Thoughdoo Productions

Contact info
IRC: Thud, ThDPro, Denny_Crane, Satan


ThDPro, (The-D-Pro) (Thoughdoo Productions) is an on-again-off-again MZXer who started using MegaZeux at the suggestion of his brother in 2006 after being estranged from the program for nearly 10 years. He has made several games, few of which have caught any interest from the DMZX community, has participated in two DOZs, and while not with the gusto of prior years, continues to create concepts with Megazeux currently.

Involvement with Community

ThDPro joined DMZX in late 2006 after discovering that all of his downloads for MZX were coming from DMZX. His first post was a game called Catnip, which for all of the breakthroughs that it yielded for himself, was actually quite simplistic in style and gameplay and was not a notable release in any way. While continuing to post sparingly, he released a short inventory game called "Twip," which, for all of it's shortcomings in graphics, gameplay, and variety, was received quite well in the community and was given a 4 star rating.

Although ThDPro has great affection for the DMZX and Megazeux community, his involvement has yielded few contributions to the overall wellness to the community. In fact, in 2007 while he was still a Freshman in High School , ThDPro was widely disliked for not contributing anything or simply angering other prominent community members needlessly and driving topics away from subject. After several months of posting, he created a dummy account to post middle fingers repeatedly all over the sight. Because of this, ThDPro was banned within all rights of the administrators and moderators. Originally a perma-ban, ThDPro was reinstated under parole a month later.

A few months went by after this and ThDPro's posting slowed gradually to a halt in mid 2007. However, he continued working on an MZX epic titled "Detroit: Crack City" along with his brother.

In 2007, while in Rhode Island with nothing else to do, he began posting again and working on a new MZX game that was never released entitled "Banana Man."

After beginning light posting again in 2008, ThDPro released the final edition of "Detroit: Crack City", a game that he had spent almost 2 years on. The release however was never really paid any attention to and the thread bearing the download quickly died and with it, his posting.

Only in late 2009 did ThDPro consistently begin posting again, but still lightly. Leading up to the the 2010 Winter DOZ, ThDPro began MZXing to prepare for his planned participation in his first DOZ. Under the team name "The Moanatoans" (Aborigine: Warriors of the Ocean), he and his brother competed coming in 8th overall with a score of 645/1200. His contributions to the community died again for the most part after the contest. He is currently an broadly active community member, releasing six complete games in 2012.


Catnip: The Haze

TWIP: The Homeschooler

Detroit: Crack City

Twip 2: Real School

ThDPro's Random Cave Generator



Spirit Quest

Silence In The Theater

A Zombie-ee Halloween

MZX Adventure RPG

Commander Keen: Heroes Lost

Cave Conqueror

Forthcoming Games

  • The Desperate Dig (STALLED)

Nearly completed over a year ago featuring a Original Music and Sound effects (a first for ThDPro) and expansive world and story.

DOZ Entries

TurnCoat (Winter 2010 Dualstream Day of Zeux)

  • The story of an alien spy on earth that turns his back on his entire race to stop them from destroying the earth because he likes his dog. Features 3 weapons that all work pretty well, perhaps because ThDPro didn't design them.

All That Violence (Winter 2011 Dualstream Day of Zeux)

  • The story of a man whose blood-o-meter doesn't allow him to be away from violence for any length of time. Features several mouse based weapons that don't quite work correctly... or at all really. Surprisingly, a 3rd place entry.

Introspect (Summer 2011 Dualstream Day of Zeux)

  • You dive into your own mind to find what you've been hiding from yourself and why it is that you've been blocking the memory from coming to the surface. 2nd place DoZ entry.

Spirit Quest (Summer 2012 Dualstream Day of Zeux)

  • Simplistic JRPG, featured elemental based attacks as well as physical, the gameplay was 1v1 RPG battles. The game was released in the DoZ without testing and was initially impossible to finish, along with being terribly balanced. This was his only DoZ game to be remade and released independently afterwards. 4th place DoZ Entry

Dracos Corona (Winter 2013 Dualstream Day of Zeux)

  • This game was an overall failure in planning and execution. While ThDPro planned to have a more in depth story and a better refined engine, the clock ran down and much of the time put into creating boards was cutting into engine testing and story development. The primary weapon engine, a WASD controlled auto-targeting system which would scroll the the median between the player and target. This effect was extremely jarring and wasn't received well by judges. The board design was done by converting 16 bit indexed bitmaps to a board (each pixel would represent a block, different colors would allow for different kinds of blocks) and then using an automated texturizer to turn them into playable and more visually pleasing areas.