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Day of Zeux Drama is the phenomenon by which MegaZeuxers who participate in, judge or host a Day of Zeux competition create drama from disputes about rules, judging results, or competition topics; mostly the second item.

Summer 2008 DsDoZ

There was a pair of snafus surrounding the Summer 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux involving planning and information: the first was when Terryn put the dates of the MZXCon in the poll for wanted DoZ dates, and the second when asgromo thought the DoZ was going to start on a Friday instead of the voted Saturday. Another sticking point was the specific topic, which was "Summer 2008 DsDoZ and the End of the World." Nearly everyone considered it too specific and cumbersome.

Winter 2008 DsDoZ

In the Winter 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux, the judges were initially Tecki, Aussie Evil, SeventhShade and ScottVyper, but after receiving fierce criticism over the quality of his scores Aussie Evil withdrew them and Terryn filled his place. ScottVyper's scores were also hotly contested and declaimed, prompting him to leave forever, but the scores themselves remained.

Summer 2009 DsDoZ

In the Summer 2009 Dualstream Day of Zeux, LogiCow provided the obligatory DoZ drama, posting a lengthy complaint about the DoZ before the dust had even settled, and Leaving In A Huff. His game was the one disqualification in the competition, on counts of theme relevance, and of failing to run in MZX 2.82b (since he had produced it in the SVN development version). This resulted in LogiCow leaving forever (but not really). Additionally, maxim felt that KKairos had exercised bad judgment in rating Goshi's entry, Paranoid Heavens, higher than his entry Achtung; KKairos agreed that maxim was probably correct.

The debate preceding that same Day of Zeux, over the score-sheet changes in the main Day of Zeux thread of competitions (whether the theme-lite and theme-heavy scoresheets should be tied to the concrete and abstract topics, respectively) provided some amount of Day of Zeux drama.

Winter 2010 DsDoZ

The Winter 2010 Dualstream Day of Zeux put previously established guidelines on judging quality and timeliness to the test when Kuddy submitted his scores at the end of the judging week without comments, and astral's comments failed to meet the 300 word-per-game average. After strong complaints from Wervyn, both scores were retracted. Despite the final scores being the result of only three combined judges, Wervyn insists that this is exactly what he had in mind when he proposed the system.

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