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Games Created

Drop 1 - Legend of Magic Goshi's first MZX game is a platformer where you take role as Drop as he tries to obtain a crystal a man er... droplet finds.

Drop 2 - Plasma Drop's Revenge After Piney's defeat in Drop 1 Plasma Drop vows revenge on Drop and in fact pretty much all of his planet by summoning and evil army of Powboomians, Globs and many other wacky creatures.

Drop 3 - Glob Saga The evil Cycloglob is none other than the one controlling the Powboomian Armada and decides to create evil comic books in order to improve his army's numbers. However Drop realizes this and goes off to burn every comic book he can find.

Drop 4 - Drop Complete The final game in the series which also contains remakes of the first three games. The game was never finished however and was released as a project dump.

A Ridiculous Game Take role as Adrian as he tries to go on a journey for no reason whatsoever.

A Ridiculous Game 2 (Unfinished) Not referring to the one below, this version is the one currently in DMZX's archives. The game was canceled because of it didn't live up to Goshi's current standards. It is very large and it shows off how much Goshi is improving with MZX. However it is incomplete and very buggy so its recommended you play using the editor.

Smelly Land A Cans ripoff made by Goshi. Although it now rather rare and tough to find, Goshi has no intention on releasing this again.

Land of Monsters One day a man stares out at the sunset only to see a castle appear suddenly. He then decides to enter the castle in hopes of finding out what the heck is going on.

Land of Monsters 2 Currently in the works. Join the "Player" again as he tries to stop the evil lord Yolca once and for all.

Citrus Yoshi (ZZT) Goshi's first and only ZZT game. A 4 file adventure in which Citrus ventures a very twisted house in order to find "Nummies" to feed Yellow Yoshi.

Citrus Yoshi 2 A platformer being made by Goshi in MZX. It was however canceled due to lack of interest.

Adventures of Mr. Guy A platformer project made by Goshi which was then lost in a hard drive crash.

Galaxy Slime A DoZ entry in which you travel to various planets to stop the slime invasion. Its theme was commonly misunderstood as 'Space Exploration'. The real theme it was based off was 'Growth'.

Team LEDAH's Flonk of an Entry on Oraganised Crime A DoZ entry in which you go to a Super Market and rob stuff. It was cut short due to Goshi's lack on motivation at the time.

CAPTAIN BOB A DoZ entry based off a RM2k3 game Goshi is working on. Take role as Pirate Bob as he tries to stop Kraken and his 8 "HIDEOUS PIRATE MASTERS". The game is Goshi's first joke game created.

BOB IS SALSA A game made is response to the "Something" is leaving trend. It is quite poor and only notable for having the word "SALSA" appear randomly.

BOB OF THE FUTURE The third game of the "Bob" series. Like the others its a joke game but unlike the others, its actually bearable to play. Take role as Captain Bob as he tries to find a way to change his robotic crew back to normal.

A Ridiculous Game 2 The second game in the series. This one has similar ideas to the original version but also mixes some ideas of the first with a pinch of Goshi's weird sense of humor. Adrian must stop Drakon from using the orb to destroy the world. The game features multiple endings and contains a wide cast from many of Goshi's various works.

Paranoid Heavens Goshi's 4th DoZ entry which was made to combine the elements of a Western RPG and generic MZX action. You take role as Sven, a rookie exorcist who enters the tower of Aeryl the Magician to seal a demon summoning circle. It was unfinished however due to Goshi not having enough time to complete it.