Winter 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux

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Winter 2009 Day of Zeux
Host Insidious
Judges Tecki, SeventhShade, ScottVyper, Terryn
Date December 29-30, 2008
Topic(s) Water (general)

Murder Mystery (specific)

Scoresheet Theme-dependent
Preceeded by Summer 2008 Day of Zeux
Followed by Summer 2009 Day of Zeux

The Winter 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux was hosted by Insidious and started on Monday, December 29th, 2008, 5PM GMT (ending the same time the next day). The topics were "Water" and "Murder Mystery"; the judges were initially Tecki, Aussie Evil, SeventhShade and ScottVyper, but after receiving fierce criticism over the quality of his scores Aussie Evil withdrew them and Terryn filled his place. ScottVyper's scores were also hotly contested and declaimed, prompting him to Leave Forever, but the scores themselves remained. Despite a lack of build up to the event itself (a serious problem in the previous competition), as well as the host being banned from DMZX by a zealous security script, fifteen entries were received. Most of them were in a complete (if flawed) state; this is a marked improvement from the last competition. What might have been a 16th entry produced by Giel was posted on the DigitalMZX forums nearly one day after the competition ended; various difficulties were cited by Giel as prohibiting him from submitting his entry on time. His entry is not included for judging or in the DoZ archive.

This was also the first DoZ to have an official contingency measure for replacement judges, as well as stricter guidelines on score quality, largely at the urging of Wervyn. Terryn, Exophase and djtiesto served as backup judges, with Terryn stepping in to fill the opening when Aussie Evil's scores were withdrawn. Initially Exophase had elected to replace Aussie, but later passed the job on in order to focus on MegaZeux development.


The rankings and total scores of each game in this DoZ are as follows:

Most notable this DoZ were the domination of games made with the specific topic, despite a comparitively smaller number of them being made; and the closeness of the final scores for the 2nd through 4th place games. Four of the games submitted were in the good-to-high quality range of 1100-1300 points, with four more in the decently fun range of 800-1000, making this one of the most successful DoZs yet in terms of overall quality.

Judging Sheets

See Winter 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux Judging Sheets

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