The Short-Lived Adventures of Hobo Dan

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The Short-Lived Adventures of Hobo Dan
Author Esdemo1
Company None
Release Date 2006
Genre Comedy
Download No link available.

The Short-Lived Adventures of Hobo Dan, or just Hobo Dan, was released by Esdemo1 in early 2006 after several years of off-and-on development. The concept, initially devised while Esdemo1 was working on The New Weirdland, was to produce a MegaZeux game (about hobos) with as little effort as possible. Ironically, Es ended up looking up many new MZX features to implement weird stuff in this game, something which requires decent effort.

A sequel called Stupid Tournament was released in November of 2006. A third Hobo Dan game is planned, but it is unknown whether it would come to fruition.

A Quick Summary

Hooverville, the tumble-down home of the hobos, receives a threatening premonition of a mysterious Cuban and his menacing murder-bot when Hobo Dan (the hero of this here story) eats some bad peas at a greasy spoon. Can Hobo Dan get the news to Mulligan, King of the Hobos, in time to save Hooverville from clear and present murder? All he wanted was some soup, really...