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Join date September 2000
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MZX games
Companies Mindforge Interactive

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Community History

Esdemo1 discovered MegaZeux while he was in middle school, thanks to a quick spot at the end of a "Zelda" ZZT game downloaded from AOL circa 1998. He made a few games for his own amusement and that of his friends, and eventually joined up with the greater community in 1999 by joining Square of MegaZeux (SoM), led by Akwende, along with the central forum, mWorld, and some of the IRC channels of the time.

Esdemo1 contributed to the SoM split, forming Mindforge Interactive with Diamond and others. When mWorld was experiencing problems with trolling in 2000, he encouraged others to join new community hub DigitalMZX, where he eventually became an administrator. Esdemo1 served as an operator on community IRC channel #MZX for awhile, mostly during Diamond's ownership.