Stupid Tournament

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Stupid Tournament
Author Esdemo1
Company None
Release Date 2006
Genre Comedy
Download No link available.

Stupid Tournament is the sequel to The Short-Lived Adventures of Hobo Dan by Esdemo1, also released in 2006.

Plot Summary (as told by Esdemo1)

I. It's another beautiful day to go to the bank, and Bank Dad isn't just going to let that go to waste. Packing the children in the dollar-sign-covered van, he sets off bright and early to boldly bank in the face of his nemesis, the evil Fast Usher.

II. After the events in Hobo Dan, the remains of Hooverville are left bouncing around in space. Hobo Dan awakens from a stupor and finds himself involved in Mulligan's strange plan to aid Splanky the gremlin's struggling new pizza restaurant - along with mystery man Herman the Powerful Doobie.