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Active Period ??? to Present
Notable releases Engine Series

Kikan (Remake)
Seiken Densetsu: Blade of Islan

Vaporware ?
Companies Duky Inc.


Luke Drelick (currently known as djtiesto) is a longtime member of the ZZT and MZX community. He is from Long Island, New York, and in addition to game development, enjoys listening to Dance music, DJing, clubbing and music festivals, movies, mountain biking, and reading. Ever since he was young, his dream was to develop video games. Receiving a copy of ZZT courtesy of Nash, Luke finally got to realize his dream. One of his most well-known releases was Engine, a Role-Playing Game for MegaZeux. Engine showcased a lot of concepts that would later become standard in lots of Luke's games: An offbeat sense of humor filled with lots of inside jokes, references to classic Japanese console games, a love affair with electronic music, basic action RPG gameplay, and tricky puzzle-solving.

Luke Drelick's Games

Luke Drelick is also one of the more prolific MZXers in history, especially in his early days. He created several complete games of considerable length, the most famous of which is probably Engine. Since his return to the community, he released a special edition of Engine, and a similar treatment for Kikan, another of his older games.

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